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How Much Dirt Do You Have?

June 20, 2008

Dirt…it can get in the way of everything, leaving an awful mess. It tracks into the house. It blows through the windows. It’s leaves a coating everywhere it lands. Kitchen counters become unfit for food preparation. Dishes are not clean enough to eat off of. Dirt, dirt, everywhere!

How much spiritual “dirt” covers our souls? Are we fit to be used by Yahweh God? Are we fit to serve spiritual food to help meet the needs of others? Are we vessels of service that, like those dirty dishes, need to be washed clean?

When Yeshua/Jesus physically walked this earth, people typically washed their feet when they entered a house. This was because the dirt on the roads would get all over their feet. Their roads were not paved like most of ours are today. Washing the feet refreshed them, made them feel good and kept the house cleaner.

I have always appreciated how Yeshua/Jesus washed His disciples feet at the Pesach/Passover meal the night before He was taken. It was typically the role of a servant to wash feet. Yet, He took it upon Himself. Why? Why Yeshua?

Peter balked at the idea of his Lord washing his feet like a mere servant. He protested! What did Yeshua say? He said that it was necessary…that if He did not wash Peter’s feet…then Peter would have no part with Him. Wow! Those are strong words. Again…why?

Peter was a jump right in with two feet kind of guy. So, naturally, his response was to ask Yeshua to wash his hands and head, too! Yeshua’s response? Well, He said that someone who has bathed only needs to have his feet washed. He is already clean in other respects. Then He mentions that not everyone there is clean. One is not! Hmmm…again, why?

I believe all the whys are because this is a symbol of something far greater than simple feet washing. There is more going on here than simply removing dirt. What is He really saying in this action? Well, here are my thoughts on it.

Yeshua had to do it because it was a parallel of spiritual uncleanness. Only He can wash us clean of all the wrong things we do…all the wrong thoughts and attitudes we harbor…the wrong words out of our mouth…the wrong actions we take. When we come to Him and ask His forgiveness, He washes us clean. Not everyone in the room had really done that…hence, there was one not clean.

We live in the world. Our souls come in contact with the world just as our feet come in contact with the ground. In the same way that our feet get covered up with dirt and dust, our souls get covered up with the “dirt” of the things we continue to do that are wrong…things that follow the world’s ways rather than Yahweh God’s ways.

What is the solution? We need a soul washing. While we can wash our own feet; we cannot wash our own souls. We need the help of the only One who can. We need to bring those dirty souls to Yeshua so that He can wash them. Those of us who have already come to Him for forgiveness are already clean as a whole. It is only our souls (feet) that need continual washing.

What a wonderful picture we have here of how we can always come to Yeshua to be refreshed and made completely clean again. No matter how many times we stumble and fall into the dirt of this world, if we truly want to change and come to Him, He will clean us up again.

That is good news! Oh, wait! That is what the word for “gospel” literally means…good news!

Read all about it in John 13!

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