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Who Loves You?

June 20, 2008

We were at an air show and saw two planes making a giant heart in the sky. What a wonderful thing…to see such a sign of love proclaimed in the heavens! This sign was done by two human pilots. It is easy to see…very clear…very obvious.

I wonder how many times we miss the other signs of love in the heavens…the ones written by Yahweh God’s divine hands. He created a whole universe for us to live in and enjoy. He made our beautiful planet so precisely, according to what our human bodies needed to live. Why? He does not need us. He is Yahweh God. We are mere humans. He had no reason other than He wanted a heart/love connection with us.

Then…we blew it. The first man and woman wanted more and disobeyed Yahweh God. How sad. It was a perfect beautiful world and they were not satisfied with that. Their disobedience brought consequences that we see in the world today. Evil came in and the heart connection between us and Him was broken. The heart connection we have with each other is broken.

Yet, Yahweh loves us sooooo much that He made a way for us to be reconnected with Him. He gave us Yeshua. There is a price for wrong doing…and the price was too great for us to ever be able to pay. So, our loving Yahweh sent His Son to pay that price for us. What an incredible gift!

Go figure! Humans blow it. Humans disobey. Humans break that heart connection with their Creator. Humans earn a penalty for their actions. Yet, Yeshua pays it all for us. Why? Out of love. There is no other reason! Simply love. That same love will some day bring about a new heaven and a new earth where the evil and brokenness will be no more!

You can read all about it in the bible. Check out the 1st few chapters of Genesis, the 3rd and 14th chapters of John and the 21st chapter of Revelation.

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