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Who’s Piloting Your Craft?

July 3, 2008

Boy…I sure can be like a little child in the cockpit…fascinated by all the dials and gauges and yet having absolutely no clue as to what they are all about! If I were to try and fly a plane…oh boy! IF we even got off the ground, we probably would not stay in the air…or make it back down safely!

Nope! If I have to fly somewhere, I will let someone ELSE do the piloting, thank you! Someone who is trained. Someone who knows how to fly and where we are going. I don’t want someone who does not know about the aircraft or how to get to our destination to try and fly me there. That includes me! I want to know that I am in capable hands.

Most of us would not even consider getting into an airplane flown by someone who is obviously untrained, inexperienced and lacking in knowledge. I don’t know of anyone who would attempt to fly himself or herself without training and experience. Clearly, the best choice is to stick with a reputable airline that uses trained personnel. That is the obvious choice, right? People are not typically going to put their physical lives in that kind of danger!

Yet, we are also on a journey of far greater importance! A journey called “life”. We are all headed to a destination…a destination we will arrive at after we die. The question is…are we placing our spiritual lives into the hands of Someone who knows about the destination choices? Someone who knows how to get us there safely?

We can rely upon the so called “wisdom” of humans…or…we can turn to the One who made us and let Him guide us there. I don’t know about you…but I am not going to entrust my spiritual wellbeing to anyone other than the One whom I know is capable of getting me through life and safely to my final destination any more than I would entrust my physical wellbeing to someone who is not capable of flying the plane!

There is only One who is that capable…the One who made all the universe…including little old me. Yahweh God, His Son Yeshua/Jesus and His Spirit. They are getting me through this life. They will bring me safely to my final destination. What is my destination? Well, the one Yahweh created me for! The one He created for me!

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