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Jesus Is My Oasis!

July 27, 2008

Oasis: A place of refreshing in the middle of a desert area.

Life can bring many desert times. Deserts of the spirit. Deserts of the emotions. Deserts of finances. Deserts of ill health. All kinds of deserts.

Where do we go for refreshing in those desert times? What “oasis” do we run to?

There are all kinds of things the world can offer to us. However, those things may end up just causing us to feel more isolated, more wounded, more lost in the desert of life that we find ourselves wandering through.

There is really only one “oasis” that gives us true refreshing. It is the “oasis” of Yahweh God. His Spirit…His Ruach…can refresh as nothing else can. Only He knows exactly what we truly need. Only He can truly meet that need.

I hope that you have sought Him out. He is waiting for you to call out to Him…to acknowledge Your need for Him and to accept His Son, Yeshua. He wants to give You His Spirit to help you.

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