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What Kind of House Have You Built?

July 27, 2008

What kind of spiritual house have we built? Is it solid? Is it strong? Is it built upon the foundation of what Yeshua/Jesus has done for us? Or is it weak, built upon human’s ideas of what we want “god” to be like?

Does it look pretty and delightful on the outside, yet inside is hollow and empty? Does it taste sweet, yet rot our “teeth” and destroy our health?

There are many things in this life with which to fill ourselves spiritually. Yet, like this gingerbread house that looks so good and tastes so yummy, they will never really satisfy us. Oh, they might “fill” us for a while. We might enjoy them for a while. But they will always leave us unfulfilled…hungry again for something more substantial.

I hope that you have built your spiritual house upon the foundation of Yeshua/Jesus…the solid rock. I hope it’s walls are sturdy with the truths of Yahweh God’s word…the bible. I hope it is filled with the light and presence of the Holy Spirit. It is Yahweh, and He alone, who can help you build a solid spiritual house. One that protects you and is not hollow and empty.

I hope you seek Him now.

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