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Area Closed: By Whose Authority?

September 22, 2008

Hmmm…the sign says “Area Closed”. Well, by whose authority is it closed? Why can’t we go out there? Who makes the rules anyway??? Shouldn’t I be able to do what I want? Shouldn’t I be able to go out there if I want to?

The picture is of a place called “Natural Bridges” on the California Coast. Notice the plural in the name…”bridges”. If you go here, you can see a picture of two natural bridges. Yet, notice the description they give:

This beach, with its famous natural bridge, is an excellent vantage point for viewing shore birds, migrating whales, and seals and otters playing offshore.

Do you see the singular “bridge”? You see, the constant pounding of the waves that helped to shape the bridges…also destroys them. In other words, it is not really all that safe to be out on top. It all depends on how thin that “bridge” of rock is getting. The thinner it gets, the more unstable it becomes and the less safe it is to walk across it!

Check out this picture of it now. There is only one bridge left. There was only one bridge left in the photo at the top of this post.

There are rules to keep us safe. This sign was posted by the authority of the California State Parks. What about life, though, as a whole? Who makes the rules for that? Who has the authority to say what is right and what is wrong…what is safe and what is not?

As a society we make determinations of right and wrong and we make rules for safety reasons. On a simple level, there are laws telling us not to run red lights. On a more serious level, there are laws against murder. Some of those seem to be quite obvious. I mean, everyone knows you should not run red lights and you should not murder people, right?

Well, apparently not. Red lights are run all the time, sometimes with very serious consequences. People are murdered all the time. Clearly, there are some who believe they have a right to do what they want…period! They apparently do not see that there is anything wrong with running red lights or murder.

Does what is right and wrong change over time? When I was a young girl in school you knew that cheating was wrong. Cheaters were looked down upon. There was an article written in 2002 called: Survey: Many Students Say Cheating’s OK. Follow the link to see the article.

So, who has the real authority to determine what is right and what is wrong? People keep changing the “rules”. So, if the rules keep changing…why follow rules at all? What if my idea of what is right and wrong differs with yours? What rules, or maybe it should be “whose” rules, should we follow?

There is one ultimate authority…the One who made this whole universe. He designed it. He created it. He knows what works best. He has the authority to make the rules. He wants to protect us from the harm we can do to ourselves and to others, so He makes rules for us to follow.

This universe started off perfect and with only one rule really. But the first guy, Adam, well…he blew it for all of us. He brought imperfection to this perfect universe and we have all been paying the price ever since. We see it in sickness and death. We see it in major storms, like hurricanes and tsunamis. We see it in earthquakes. Even worse, we see it in the wickedness of people’s hearts.

While there is nothing we can really do about the storms of nature and earthquakes, there is something we can do about man’s inhumanity to man. God provided the answer to that…His Son. He sent His Son so that hearts could be changed…so that we could reconnect with our Creator…spirit to spirit.

I am not talking about people who SAY they love God…and then do evil. I am talking about people with a true heart connection with Him. People who truly are connected with their Creator won’t intentionally hurt or use others. They will work to make this world a better place…with love and compassion for others. They will listen to, and obey, God’s voice as He directs them in how to really make a positive difference in this world. You may not know who they are because they may not “broadcast” their beliefs/connection with their words, but you sure will know them by their actions.

Laws won’t do it. Government sure won’t do it. Man without God won’t do it. One person at a time, one heart at a time, we can make a difference in this world, with God’s help.

Whose has authority to make the rules? God does! What happens when we break the rules? Well, look around you! The evidence is there. Let’s make sure our hearts are in tune with the Creator and His Son. Let’s make sure that we are doing what we can to make a positive difference in the world and in the lives of those around us. Let’s encourage one another to be God’s people…in the truest sense!

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