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In Our “Daddy’s” Arms!

September 22, 2008

I know many people who struggle with the idea of God being our “Father”…and with good reason! Their own fathers did not treat them like a loving and protective father should. They suffered abuses of various kinds from the man called “father”. Many lived in fear of him. His arms were not loving ones, so the image of “father” is not a pleasant one.

It can be very hard to overcome the images associated with that word. Some get around it by calling God by His other names. Some will call Him “Daddy”, or “Papa”. Some, like me, tend to call Him “Abba”. That is the Hebrew equivalent for “Daddy”. Typically, it is a very endearing term for a Hebrew child to use.

When Yeshua/Jesus (who was Hebrew) told us to pray to our heavenly Father in Matthew 6, He would have used the word He had for “Father/Daddy”, which was “Abba”. I know several besides myself who like to use “Abba” when referring to our heavenly Father.

Whatever we call Him, we need to get past the realities of the failings of the earthly men who bore the title “father” for us…however undeservedly. We need to see that our heavenly Abba is nothing like they were/are. He is perfect. He loves us perfectly. His discipline is in love as He wants what is best for us to help us to grow and mature in Him.

I like what one friend from long ago told me. When asked if he struggled with the idea of God being a “Father” since his own earthly father was so bad, he said he did not! In fact, he said that he appreciates his heavenly Father all the more because he had such a bad earthly father to contrast Him with. He looks upon God as being the Father he never had in this life.

What a way to look at it! Instead of letting his earthly father sour his viewpoint of his heavenly “Dad”, he allowed the evil of his earthly father to give him a greater appreciation for his heavenly “Dad”. I wish that everyone could do that. We all need a heavenly “Dad”…even those of us whose earthly ones were “good” Dads.

Abba, please help those who struggle with seeing You as a loving Daddy be able to see You for who You really are. Help them to be able to emotionally and spiritually snuggle in Your arms and sit upon Your lap, just as the child of a good earthly Daddy can. I know that my heart connection with You is such a blessing to me. I wish that all could experience that…and more! Please break down the barriers that come between people and You so that they can truly know Your incredible love for them. Amen and amen!

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