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Come to the Table

November 8, 2008

There is a table set before us. Will we join in the feast? We are welcomed to come and dine with our Lord who gave His all for us.

This table is to remind us of the gift He gave of Himself for our sakes. He did not have to do it. He chose to do it. He could have stood in all His glory and squashed us, just like we squash bugs. Yet, He did not. Why not? Love. His love for us was so great that He was willing to do whatever it took to give us a chance to be connected to Him and to His Abba/Father.

Will we join in? Will we come to the table He has prepared for us? I know that I do not deserve to come to His table. Yet, I long to be there. I am so grateful that my going to this feast does not depend on me…on my merits. It depends soley upon His love for me and my willingness to accept what He did out of that incredible love.

There are implications and responsibilities that come with accepting that love. I could reject it. How foolish I would be to do that! He is the only hope I have. He is God and I am not. He does within me what I could never do for myself. He changes me into His image more and more. He gives me a softer heart. He gives me the ability to bear spiritual fruit in my life. He gives me the ability to love…to love Him and to love others. He enables me to worship Him and to turn away from the things of this world. He enables me to become what I was created to be and to do what I was created to do.

I can never thank Him enough for the changes He has brought about in my life. For helping me to conquer fear. For strengthening me and helping me to make it through some really bad situations. He forgave me for the sinful things that I have done. He continues to forgive me when I blow it and come to Him with a true sorrow and a real desire to change. He gives me understanding that I could never have gotten on my own. He has protected me from evil.

There is a table. There is a feast. Will you join me there? I hope to see you there.

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