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He Loves Me!

December 4, 2008

I have been thinking lately about how much YHWH God loves me. I mean…it is absolutely incredible that He would love me more than Himself! Sacriligious thinking you say? Well, think about it.

He is a God of justice. We are rebellious sinners who are constantly going against Him. Yet, He loves us, even in that horrid state of being. And that is just part of it. Remember Noah? The flood? It says that YHWH God despaired of having even created humans, yet He just could not let His love of His creation go.

He saw Noah. He was the only one out of the whole world trying to serve Him and He decided to save Noah and his family to start over again…like a new Adam and Eve in a way. Except this family was not without sin and placed in a perfect garden, which was evidenced pretty quickly as Noah and his family’s imperfections came to light after the flood.

God gave us His teachings and commands for our good…out of love for us…to protect us. Yet, we all keep going our own way. In spite of that, though, YHWH God sent a part of Himself…His Son Yeshua/Jesus…to bear the penalty for our wrongdoing…for our sins…just as He prophesied He would. In fact, it says that He BECAME sin for us. I don’t pretend to understand that, but I sure do appreciate it and love Him for it.

If God gave a part of His own being…to be separated from Himself for a time…to suffer and die for us…then isn’t that God showing that He loves us more than He even loves Himself? How many of us would do that for God? Or for anyone else? He did not have to do it. Yet, He did. Yeshua did not have to come in human form, yet He did. He did not have to suffer and die in our place…yet He did. What kind of incredible love is that? It is beyond my comprehension. It is humbling.

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