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Precarious…or Provision

January 30, 2009

There have been times when I have described our living situation as “precarious”. Why? We are in our fourth year of living in a tiny RV…three of us…with not enough money to really change it. My husband was making so little money that, when the price of gas went up, there were times when he barely made enough to get to work. To most people…that is precarious. Thankfully, hubby makes more now, but we are still in the same living situation.

When we moved out here, we could not afford to buy…or to rent. That is how we ended up in our RV on land. We were “qualified” to buy some pretty nice places, actually.  However, we are smarter than the banks, as is evidenced by the bailouts of late. We knew that we could not afford to keep up the payments, qualified or not. So, we ended up buying land with payments we can afford. We are in our fourth year of living this way.  (You can go here to see more about how we live.)

So, I have called our living situation “precarious”. However, nothing happens that is not either allowed by Yahweh or caused by Yahweh. He is in control. We have been provided for. We have always had food, clothing and shelter. Even in power outages, we have managed to stay warm and dry. Considering that we are being cared for by Yahweh, is our situation really “precarious”? NO! Whatever happens, we are being loved and cared for by our Creator. That is not precarious.

Precarious is ignoring Him and what He has done for us through Yeshua/Jesus. Precarious is not taking the steps to be in His will so that we can be with Him forever and not have to spend eternity separated from Him! THAT is precarious!

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