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Are You Clear?

February 2, 2009


At first glance, it might look like this plaque has hieroglyphics on it…or is just random pieces of wood placed upon a background like a wooden puzzle. However, if you look closely, it is actually showing a word. Can you see it?

The first time I ever saw something like this,  I had to look at it a number of times to figure out what it was. It was difficult for me to see the word. I don’t even remember if I actually saw it on my own…or if it had to be pointed out to me.

Yet, that word is the key to the whole piece. If you cannot see the word, it is simply an odd appearing placement of pieces of wood. The value in the piece is the word.

I wonder if our lives are not like that. When people look at us…can they  see us clearly? Or are we confusing? Can they easily tell what we stand for? Or do we seem to be a hodgepodge of uncertain beliefs that could lead anywhere? Are we even clear ourselves about what we believe and what we stand for? If not, it is high time to become so!

We never know what will happen. Today could be the last day of our lives. Tomorrow may never come. Today is the day to decide who you will follow…who you will serve. Yeshua/Jesus said that you are either for Him or against Him. There is no middle ground. Which side you put yourself will determine how you spend eternity. If you decide to follow Yeshua, you need to do it His way…not yours. He tells us all about in the Bible. You do not want to end up in the end having Him say that He never knew you.

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