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Spiritual Shadows

February 14, 2009

We know that the things in the Old Testament/Covenant are both foreshadows of the things to come in the New Testament/Covenant as well as representations of spiritual truths. The people groups that needed to be driven out of the land that Yahweh/God was leading His people back to represented our own sinfulness…our own rebellion…our own worship of false idols.

Now, you might be thinking “I don’t bow down to some stone statue”…or, “I don’t sacrifice my children to some god”. Well, perhaps not, at least not in the sense that they were. However, let’s look at modern day comparisons. Those people were turning to those idols for a reason…they wanted something from them…something they should have been going to Yahweh for, but were not.

What are we seeking today? A big thing that comes to mind is satisfaction. A huge part of satisfaction, I think, comes in knowing we are loved and accepted…completely. These are things everyone wants, but there is only One who can really give them…Yahweh. Yet, we find ourselves in a culture that seeks it from food, drugs, money, sex, power, position, notoriety and ______ (fill in the blank).

What about you? Are you seeking satisfaction in something or someone other than your Creator? Are you seeking love and acceptance from someone other than the One who actually knows best what will give you true satisfaction? You will never find it. Oh, you might think you have found it for awhile, but anything other than Yahweh will eventually leave you dissatisfied.

The Hebrew people were asked to get rid of all the idols and idol worshipers. They were to purge them from the land so that only the true worship of the One True God…Yahweh…would take place there. The idea was that there also only be the true worship of Yahweh in each one’s heart, also. Sadly, it did not happen that way. Yahweh knew it would not and He told Moshe/Moses what would happen…before it happened.

Today, we are called to be rid of the sinful things in our lives, including the things of this life that have become modern day idols. I know that I do not want anything in this life to interfere with or hinder my heart connection with my Creator…NOTHING!

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