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A New Day & Choices to Be Made!

February 24, 2009

Every day is brand new. With that newness comes choices.

What will I do with this day? How will I handle what comes along? As an abuse survivor, sometimes what comes along can get pretty interesting…and be very challenging.

A new day. I can choose to rejoice in it…to be blessed by the fact that I am breathing, living and talking. I can be grateful that I have eyes that see and ears that hear. I have a body that can still sit, stand, walk and even run (albeit that running part doesn’t work very well since I am so out of shape!) I can think and I can write.

Sure, I have my difficult days…days when I feel down…days when I am not functioning as well as I would like to be. Some days are incredibly difficult! What will I do with those days? I will choose to rejoice anyway! I will choose to be grateful for what I have. I can rejoice for I know that Yahweh is walking with me. He is the refiner, sitting by the furnace of my refining. He will never leave me alone in the process. I know that I can count upon Him…the Faithful and True One.

Our tiny RV isn’t much…but it is warm. It is dry. It is shelter. My clothes may be scattered in bins and in our PODS box, but I do have clothes. So what if I end up wearing the same ones a lot…and often. At least I have them to wear! My tummy may growl, but food is just a few steps away.

I have much to be grateful for. I am very blessed.

As I see this world going in directions that are not healthy…not wholesome…I could fret about it. Well…I am not going to. You see, I have read the end of the book! I know what is coming in the very end. Oh, I may not be totally certain of the lineup of the events prior to the end…but I do know the end. I also know Who it is that walks with me to the end. And I know Who is coming for me!

Marana, ta! Our Lord, come!

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