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Praying For Leaders & Their Families

March 6, 2009

Abba, I continue to lift up to You all that You have called into leadership, along with their families and loved ones. I praise You that we can boldly come to You and ask for anything that we need. Thank You for what Yeshua has done for us.

Abba, there is a darkness in our land. The sins of this nation…including our own sins…have permeated across this land and we have given this land to the adversary. This land that You have blessed us with, founded by those who acknowledged that You are the Creator and that it is You who give us whatever rights we have.

Abba, we see false teachers rising up more and more who are boldly proclaiming a gospel in Yeshua’s name that is not Your gospel. As Your leaders stand against these false teachings…give them strength…give them wisdom…give them protection. Abba, I know how difficult it can be to be different in a culture that constantly says to go “this way”…when that way is not Your way. I pray that all of Your people will see the truth and will rally around those who are Your true leaders, encouraging them to stand strong. I pray that You will expose the false teachings of those who presume to be Your leaders…but who are not. Oh, Abba, please expose the wolves in sheep’s clothing for what they truly are. Please, do not allow them any longer to misuse Your holy name!

Abba, Your true leaders are increasingly coming under attack…from all sides. Protect them, Abba, from these attacks, whatever form they may take. Give them Your healing Shalom, Your comfort, Your strength. May they always stand on the Rock…upon You…a sure and firm foundation. May they always hear Your voice. Fill them with Your Ruach/Spirit, empowering them to be bold in their leading and teaching. Give them courage. Do not allow their feet to slip from the path that You have laid out for them.

Abba, I pray that You would revive us in Your body…in Your true church. Wake us up where we need to be awakened. Do not allow us to sleep in the enemy’s camp! Help us to always be on guard! I thank You that the Angel of the Lord is in our midst. I thank You that You are present within and without us…wherever we may go and whatever situation we may be in.

Abba, I especially lift up those who are not feeling well and those who are in pain…whether it be physical, mental, emotional. You know it all, Abba. You are our Creator and You know us intimately. Please watch over these dear children of Yours. Fill them with Your healing Shalom. May Your healing Ruach fill them so completely. Give them Your comfort…Your strength. Bring them relief as only You can. Oh, Abba, help them to really sense You being right there with them. Encourage them in their struggles. I pray that You would deliver them from their struggles, yet I know that sometimes it is Your will to deliver Your people through the struggles…as You did Dani’el in the lions’ den and the three young men in that furnace. Sometimes, You deliver by the struggles as You call Your children Home. Abba, I pray that Your will be done and made manifest in the lives of each one.

Thank You, Abba, for Your faithful servants. As they seek to serve You as shepherds of Your people, give them wisdom and discernment. Above all, give them love…Your love…with which to love those they serve. And bring others who will give Your love back to them in tangible ways.

You are the Mighty King…Lord over everything. We bow down before You. May we always love and adore You…as You rightly deserve to be loved and adored. May we always remain faithful You as You are so faithful to us. I thank You that You are the Provider and that You will meet all of our needs. Amen and amen!

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