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Prayer for Leaders Against Discouragement

May 11, 2009

Abba/Father, there are many in various positions of leadership in Your body…doing many things and reaching all different ages and types of people. I have been thinking of the many ways that they can become discouraged. With some it is because they see that one person they have been trying so hard to reach for you keep making really bad choices. For another, it is the brokenness of families they work with…or maybe even the brokenness within their own family.

Some are discouraged when they keep crying out to You for healing for someone and it just seems as if You are not hearing…and their loved one is suffering…or dies. Some are living on donations and they are challenged to keep trusting You to provide each month, week or even day. Some are traveling and they are far from home and family and they feel as if they have been gone for so long. Some are in very public positions and they struggle to balance “fame” and humility. Some are in positions of being tempted in various ways…and they are struggling…or even falling… and have no one to turn to because of their positions. There are so many things that can bring discouragement, Abba.

Please touch those who are tired and weary…give them Your Shalom/rest. Please touch those who are being tempted and struggling…give them strength and courage and restoration. Please touch those who have brokenness in themselves and/or in their families or other relationships…give them Your healing and reconciliation. Please touch those who hurt for themselves and for others…give them Your comfort. Please touch those who are sick…give them Your Shalom/healing. Please touch those who are far from home and family…give them Your traveling mercies and Your comfort. Please touch those who are discouraged because of what they see Your people doing…encourage them to keep exhorting and reaching out…undergird them please, Abba.

Please protect them all from the hand and schemes of the evil one. Please, as they minister to others, bring those who can minister to them. Leaders often feel alone, Abba, with their struggles…and this should not be. Please bring them people with whom they can safely open up and from whom they can receive ministry. Abba, we know that Your leaders are really just brothers and sisters who happen to have the gift of leadership. Yes, their lives must reflect a high standard, but they are not perfect and it is unfair of their “churches”…of people in Your body…to expect them to be perfect. So, I ask You, Abba, to please open the eyes of Your “churches” that they may see the error of expecting their leaders to be perfect or to only be allowed certain imperfections.

Change us all, Abba, into the image of Your most precious Son, Yeshua. Change us all into people who will willingly use the gifts You have given us to minister to all in Your body. Help each one, Abba, to feel Your presence. Hold them so closely that they can actually feel hugged by You…loved by You…strengthened by You. Pull their families together into a tight bond with each other and with You. I ask it in Yeshua’s mighty name. Amen and amen!

March 30, 2008

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