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Prayer for Leaders

May 11, 2009

Abba, please touch all those in Your body. Especially touch those who are called into leadership of any kind, whether officially recognized in the eyes of man or not. Give them Your strength, Your courage, Your wisdom, Your Shalom. Abba, so many run across situations that are heartrending…difficult situations where it is difficult to know what to do or how to handle it. Give them Your supernatural wisdom and knowledge. Give them Your love for all those who come across their paths. Help them to see everything through Your eyes. Help them to hear with Your ears the words that are spoken. Help them to teach and reach out with Your words. Help them to receive with Your heart. Help them, and all of us, to be You to a lost world…to be You to a hurting world…to be You to our brothers and sisters.

Each one, Abba, has a calling that You have given them. Each one has spiritual gifts that You have blessed them with. Help them all to live according to how they have been called. Help them all to walk in Your Ruach/Spirit. Help them to use their gifts to edify the body and reach the lost. Help them to minister to the hurting. Bless them and their families. Protect them, please, Abba, from the evil schemes of the adversary. Keep them united in You and with each other. I ask it in Yeshua’s mighty name. Amen and amen!

April 12, 2008

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