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Prayer for Leaders in Hard Times

May 11, 2009

Abba, what a week it has been…with some hard things coming into place. Yet, You are so faithful. I think of all those You have called into the various positions of leadership in Yeshua’s body. So many ways to express the gift of leading. So many ways to teach, to shepherd, to lead, to guide, to mold, to mentor, to support, to walk alongside of. Yet, do these leaders have brothers and sisters in place who can do all that for THEM? That is my heart cry this week, Abba. There are so many hard things that come into our lives…and the leaders share in a lot of that as they tend to the hurting and try to help bind up their wounds. And they, too, have their own hardships as the adversary comes against them trying to convince them that they are worthless and unfitted for the responsibilities or the battle.

But we know, Abba, that You tell us through Peter that we all have everything pertaining to life and godliness. You have already provided for us all that we need for whatever we are called to by You. Abba, I pray that, if anyone is trying to do things You have not called them to do, that You will awaken them to that and help them to let it go. If they are being told by others that they need to do things that You have not called them to do…help them to be strengthened and to let that go, too. Help them to not take on what YOU have not given them.

Abba, we know that our battle is not with flesh and blood. Although it may seem like it at times, our battle is not really with our brothers and sisters…or with those who don’t want change…or with those who do want change. It is not with the others whom we cannot get to see things our way. It is not with those who lie about us or attack us behind our backs. It is with powers and principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places. You have given us the weapons we need to wield. Help us all to wield only those weapons…not the ones of our fleshly desires.

I pray that each one would stand tall in Your Ruach/Spirit. Fill them continually and give them wisdom. Give them Your eyes to see with, Your ears to hear with and Your heart to perceive and receive with. Comfort them in their grief. Stand with them in their temptations. Strengthen them in their battles. Undergird them as they walk the paths You have called them to walk. Bring them sheep who will rise up and bless them and join with them to reach the lost and to minister to the body. There are many in the body who are broken. There are many leaders who are broken. Help us to minister to one another, applying the healing balm of Gilead to all who need it. May we support one another in ministry so that everyone’s needs are met and no one is alone. Amen and amen!

April 4, 2008

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