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Prayer for Leaders for Boundaries

May 13, 2009

Abba, you have placed a burden on my heart for leaders who are pulled here and there by people who expect them to meet every need. There can be such a loud clamor for them to do this and do that. Yet, You have blessed all in the body with gifts to be used. Oh, Abba, please wake up Your children that we all have something to do. Leaders are simply brothers and sisters who are faithful to use the gifts that You have given them. Please strengthen those in leadership and give them the wisdom to know when to say “no” to those who come to them.

Help them to identify those in their congregations who are faithfully using their gifts and bring them into greater service. Help them to challenge those who are not using their gifts to use them. Help them to set the proper boundaries on their time for ministry and for their families. Their families are their first ministry calling. May they never forget that, Abba; for You have placed their families into their personal care.

Abba, the lack of discipling really breaks my heart. I truly believe it is one of the biggest reasons that we do not see more people walking out their spiritual giftedness. There is no one to take them and walk them through how to live as Your follower…as Your child. Many are “saved” and then never discipled. They are left to learn on their own and through classes where relationships are not deeply developed. Discipleship takes an open, honest and deep relationship with another believer. Oh, Abba, may Your leaders start emphasizing discipleship. I truly believe that if all believers were discipled that we would see an increase in spiritual growth. You did not tell us to go make believers…You told us to go make disciples. You cannot have disciples if you have no disciplers.

Abba, please place a hedge of protection around all of Your leaders and their families. The evil one would like to send troublemakers to sap them of their time and strength, to tempt them into going down roads that You have not called them. And I know, Abba, that those roads can look like good ones, can look like it is Your will. Give them discernment, O Lord, to know what You have called them to do. Give them wisdom to know what to delegate to someone else. Give them wisdom to know what is simply not of You at all…but is just a side path the enemy is trying to get them on.

And Abba, I also know that You bring people and things across their path that may not look like it is from You. It may be distasteful to either them, or to their congregation. Open all of our hearts, Abba, to see You in others…to see Your hand at work in the unlikely and seemingly unimportant or insignificant things and people of this world. Let us not judge wrongly. May our hearts be open and discerning to what is of You and what is not.

Build up Your body, Yahweh, especially in this time of so much “feel good” preaching. Salvation is not a “feel good” thing. We are broken and sinful people and we need to know that. Yes, we can feel good about what You have done, but we must never forget what You have delivered us from! It is only in You that we can truly know Shalom/peace and healing and comfort. May we never forget the horrible price that You paid of each and every one of us.

Abba, bless Your leaders and their families today and throughout the coming week. Help them to sense Your presence in a very strong way. Help them to sense Your hand upon their shoulders. May they sense the oil of Your Ruach/Spirit flowing over them and through them. Amen and amen!

April 9, 2008

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