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Prayer for Leaders

May 16, 2009

Abba, again I bring Your leaders to Your throne. It is hard to be a leader in Your body, Abba. So many in the church want leaders to do it all. They do not recognize that leaders are simply spiritual siblings who happen to have the gift of leading others. There are many different gifts and many different callings. Abba, I pray that You would help all of Your leaders to remain true to the calling You have for them. Protect them from taking on a calling that is not of You. Protect them from those who would expect them to operate in areas in which You have not gifted them.

Abba, please help them, and all of us, to remember that we are in a battle. It is not with people. It is with powers and principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places. Help them to stay focused on their part in that battle. Bring to Your leaders the Aharon’s and Hur’s to hold their arms up for them when they are weary from the battle. May Your body join arms in a unity under Your Spirit to work together, each in their own areas of giftedness, to bring glory to You…to bring glory to Your name. I pray, Abba, that when the world looks upon Your true church, that it will stand apart from the false churches of today. I pray that Your true body will be a light in a darkened world and salt to a society that is losing its taste for godliness.

Bring us together, Abba, as one. Help us to support our leaders in the way they should be supported. Help us to support their families in the way they, too, should be supported. Please protect their spouses from being pushed into operating in areas outside of Your calling and giftedness to them. Give Your leaders the strength and wisdom to not permit their spouses to be pushed into doing things not suited to them. Yet, let us all have a spirit of sacrifice. May we all lay our lives down in service to You, as You have called us to do.

Thank You, Abba, for those willing to operate in their gifts of leadership. Bless them. Strengthen them. Comfort them. Give them Your wisdom. Give them Your Shalom. Speak to them that they may speak to us. I ask all these things in Yeshua’s mighty name. Amen and amen!

May 1, 2008

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