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Protection Prayer for Leaders

May 24, 2009

Abba, I know that many of Your leaders and their families are under spiritual attack. They feel overwhelmed as they seem to be getting hit from all sides. With some, this has been going on for years! Raise up Your people to walk alongside these faithful leaders who keep on giving of themselves in Your service in spite of the attacks of our enemy. Watch over them and their families. Protect them, Abba! Comfort them…strengthen them. Make the way straight for them. Do not allow them to be tested beyond what they can endure!

Yet, we know that You use everything…especially brokenness…for Your purposes. You waste nothing. You use everything for Your glory…even when we do not understand how it can be so. May Your will be done in the lives of every person You have created. May Your will be done here on earth as it is done in heaven. May we surrender to You and serve You in all that we think and do and say.

Help Your true leaders to keep on standing on the truth…upon You and upon Your word. These are getting to be more perilous times. Help them and their families to be strong…to count the cost. May we ALL count the cost, Abba! May we ALL stand strong…arm in arm…as we seek to do Your will in all areas of our lives.

Abba, You are sifting the wheat from the chaff. I pray for the wheat that they will not give in…not give up. I pray for the chaff that they will be convicted of their sinfulness and of their need for a Mashiach…Messiah…Saviour…Christ. I pray that they will turn to You. May we all allow You to be fully Lord over us. I know that You desire that none should perish. Help us to all keep on sharing the true Gospel. May all of Your leaders preach and teach only Your true Gospel. Abba…deliver us from those who would preach a false gospel…from those who would lead Your people astray. Give Your leaders and Your people discernment. Draw them to You and to Your ways.

Please bring Your healing Shalom wherever it is needed. Please touch physical bodies…please touch hearts…please touch minds…please touch emotions. Remove bitterness and anger and resentment. Bring healing and reconciliation and restoration. May Your Ruach (Spirit) fill all and move in a mighty way across this earth and in every nation. Show Yourself to be mighty on behalf of Your people.

Abba, I also want to lift up Your people in Yerushalayim. That city needs Your Shalom, Abba…the Shalom that only Yeshua can bring it. Please send Shalom to Yerushalayim. Please give Your leaders wisdom in these days. I pray that they will see Your plan and purpose for Israel and for the Jews and that they will teach it accordingly. Give us a heart for You, Abba. Give us a heart for Your ways…for Your Torah. Use us for Your purposes.

b’shem (in the name of) Yeshua, Amen!

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