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Prayer for Those Called Into Leadership

June 9, 2009

Abba, I thank You for Your incredible mercies toward us. In spite of all the ways we trip up and stumble, You still love us. You never give up on us. You never leave us or forsake us. Thank You for Your many blessings. Among them are the brothers and sisters You have called into leadership. You have raised them up to watch over us and care for us. Thank You SO much for them.

I ask that You surround them with a hedge of protection. Please strengthen them and help them with all their cares. You know all about all that concerns them. Every detail. Abba, please lift their heads…cause their hearts and faces to gaze upon Yours. May they fly with the wings of eagles. May they run without growing weary. May they never give up on well-doing. Give them patience, dear Abba, with Your sheep who are wayward or who are needing that extra help.

Thank You for their tender hearts. Thank You for the many sacrifices they and their families make in Your service and in serving the saints. Thank You for their faithfulness. Please touch them and help them to not be discouraged. I know that the adversary wants to hurt them…to discourage them…to get them frustrated…to get them give up. Please protect them from these things. Please bring believers who are trustworthy…who will walk alongside of them and will help carry their burdens…believers who will not betray them.

Abba, this is a time when many are preaching a “gospel” that is not biblical. Leaders who tell it straight…who tell what Your word really says…are under attack. They are called many things, Abba, but we know that what they really are is faithful. Please encourage them to stand strong in the faith…to keep on teaching only the truth…the WHOLE truth! I ask that, if they are struggling in any area of sin, that You would break that bondage…that they would be freed…and then help others to also be freed.

Abba, I pray for transparency in Your body. I pray that the masks will fall…that people will see You moving mightily in power. Oh, dear Abba, we have enough of weak “religion”…we need Your fire to be lit within our souls. May those who have fallen asleep be awakened! May Your people be different from the world! May the world be able to see us and know that we are Yours…without needing to even be told…not by bumper stickers or signs or crosses around our necks…but by the way we live our lives. By the way we serve You. By the way we are obedient to Your Torah…the way we live according to Your ways rather than man’s. May our love for You be so strong that no one can mistake it for anything other than what it truly is!

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