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Prayer for Leaders

June 29, 2009

Yahweh/God…I lift You up and praise You. You are mighty and able to preserve, to protect, to provide, to heal. I thank You for Your incredible love for all of us. I ask this day that You especially touch all those whom You have called into leadership. Raise them up, Abba/Father. Give them strength. Wrap them in Your arms. Hold them so close to Your heart that they can feel it. Guide their steps. Lead them in the paths You have called them to walk upon. Bless them.

Abba, I know that many are facing challenges of various sorts in many different areas. Please give them Your Shalom and help them to really know deep inside that You are with them and will bring them through whatever it is that is going on. Please bring healing where it is needed. Bring reconciliation where it is needed. Bring strength where it is needed. Bring understanding where it is needed. Bring provision where it is needed. Bring faith where it is needed. Steady the faltering step. Strengthen the weak hearted. Lift up those who are falling. Abba, give them and all of us an incredible hunger and thirst for Your word and for Your presence. Bring repentance. Help us to all cast away anything and everything in our lives that is coming between us and You.

Abba, there are those who need support and yet can find none. There are those who need someone to walk alongside of them and yet they find no one. There are those who need encouragement and can find none. Please touch each and every one. Bring them the brothers and sisters they need to walk with them. Give them trusted fellow servants from the body. Place a hedge of protection around them and their families. Do not allow the evil one to discourage them. Help them to keep their eyes on You. Help them to always hang onto the miracle that You have given each and every one of them.

Abba, bring us all to repentance. Break our hearts over the things in our lives that break Your heart. Break our hearts over our own sinfulness. Give us a love for what You love and a hatred for what You hate. Give us a heart for the lost. Draw us into Your love for them. Help us to set aside the things that keep us from reaching out to others, whether it is others in the body or others in the world. May we be Your servants, first and foremost. May we be faithful to You. Lead us and guide us in all things. May we not seek our own way.

Restore those who need to be restored, Abba. Cause us to love one another and to minister Your healing balm to those who need it. Help us to stand strong and steadfast, not wavering to the right or to the left. May Your will be done in all things and above all things. Amen and amen!

May 13, 2008

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