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Prayer for Leaders

June 29, 2009

Abba/Father, after coming back from our son’s wedding, I have marriages on my mind a lot. I lift up to You the leaders in the body of Yeshua/Jesus and their marriages. I believe the marriages of leaders are under even more attack than the marriages of the rest. Strong marriages help to make strong leaders, whether they are leaders in the home or leaders in the body at large. Weak marriages can bring them down…bringing destruction and hurt to all in the body.

Abba, please protect these marriages. Place a hedge of protection around them. Draw the couples closer to each other and to You. Cause their children to respect them and cause them to be strong parents, united in the raising of their children. Bring healing and restoration wherever needed. Bring reconciliation…whether it is between spouses or between parents and children. Bring Your Shalom. Help all those who need to make amends to others to do so. Help those who need to forgive others to do so.

Abba, I also ask for ex-spouses. Bring healing and reconciliation, even where there is no chance of a remarriage between them. Bring Your shalom between ex-spouses…especially when there are children involved. Protect the children in all marriages from the disagreements between their parents. Please convict all parents who are using their children against their spouses or ex-spouses. May the adults put aside their differences and work together for the sake of their children.

I praise You, Yahweh/God. You are mighty above all things, Creator of the whole universe! There is none like You! May all of us seek You with all of our hearts, souls, minds and strengths. May we love You above all else and love our neighbors as ourselves. Amen and amen!

May 28, 2008

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