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Prayer for Leaders

June 29, 2009

Yahweh, You are so wise and so good. Please touch all those in leadership in Your body. Confirm all who are truly called into leadership and protect them and their families from the onslaught and attacks of the adversary. Do not allow his accusations and lies against them to hit them. Help them to always keep that shield of faith up, knowing who they are in You. Abba, please help them, and us all, to always be looking for good fruit in our lives as the only real confirmation of our salvation. We know that a good tree cannot produce bad fruit. May we all have hearts radically sold out for You. Teach them, and us, how to love You fully and completely. May we never be deceived into an easy one step false “salvation” that does not demand a call to holiness!

Abba, especially place Your covering mantle on Your leaders. Their positions are so important as they lead and guide Your sheep into Your ways. Help them to walk solidly upon the rock of Yeshua. Help them to teach others to do the same. Please touch those who are struggling in any areas. Please give them strength and comfort. Please bring others around to support them. Many in leadership have nowhere to turn when they struggle for fear of losing their “jobs”. This is not right, Abba, so please bring them true comforters. Bring to them the Aharons and Hurs to help hold their arms up when they get weary in the battle.

Thank You, Abba, for the leaders that You give to us. Bless them, Abba. Help all of us in their congregations to have open hearts to support and love them. Help us to work with them according to our giftedness in You, just as they are to work with us in their giftedness in You. May they/we love with Your love. May they/we teach with Your wisdom.

Abba, help them to surrender fully to Your will and Your ways. Do not let them be deceived into wrong thinking. The ways of the world have crept so deeply into those places called “churches” in America. Once, it was not so. Purify Your churches, Yahweh!! May they teach only truth!!! May they teach repentance and separation from the world…not comfort and looking like the world! Yahweh…You are a holy God…a jealous God. You love with a faithful love. May we seek Your holiness. May we all seek to be changed by Your Ruach/Spirit into Your Son’s image. Give us Your heart. Give us Your love for the lost and for the hurting of this world. Give us Your willingness to lay down our lives in sacrificial giving as we esteem each other more highly than ourselves. May we stop thinking of ourselves as we become lovers of what You love and haters of what You hate. May we wash each others’ feet, Abba.

Fill us all, Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit! Fill us! Especially fill and lead Your servants…Your leaders. May they all humbly and with trembling hearts take seriously the calling You have placed upon them. It is a serious mantle to wear…but an honoring one, too, as only You can give true honor. Give them courage as they have to deal with sheep who are wayward and contrary. Give them courage as they have to deal with even other leaders who would be contrary to Your ways.

Abba, especially be with those who are feeling the sting of betrayal right now. Betrayal is hard…regardless of the source. Betrayal from a trusted friend is something that You, Yeshua, know full well. Betrayal from leaders in Your church You also know. Being hurt from the failings of Your leaders You also know. Help your betrayed and hurting leaders to rest fully in Your understanding of what they are experiencing and feeling. Oh, Abba, I know of more than one on this prayer list who have been betrayed and attacked recently…in different ways and by different means. But the method does not matter…the pain is very real…the hurt…as ones they truly loved are not walking in the Shalom that You have given. Please bring reconciliation. Please bring repentance. Please bring forgiveness. May we all walk humbly and acknowledge when we have hurt one another.

Oh, Abba, search our hearts!!! Show us where we have all fallen short of Your ways…fallen short of Your perfect love. Change us, O Lord! Change us! In Yeshua’s mighty name, I ask all these things. Please change us that we may all be Your people. Change us that others who look at us will see You at work within us. As they saw Stephen’s face having the appearance of an angel…may others see You so much at work in our lives that they, too, will say that they see it in our face. May they know that we are Yours!!! May it draw them to want to be Yours, too!

Grant it please, Abba. I ask in Your Son’s name. Amen and amen!

May 6, 2008

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