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Prayer in the Storms of Life

June 29, 2009

Yahweh, the storms of life hit us…all of us…at one time or another. I lift up Your leaders today and their families. When the storms of life hit them, please provide them with safe shelter and safe people that they can run to. Hold them in Your arms and protect them. Give them strength, courage, comfort, Shalom. Help them to stay the course…to keep on track. Help them to keep their eyes and hearts on You…the Author and Finisher of their faith. Help them to remember and see Your faithfulness. Help them to see the blessings in the storms as they are refined through them.

May all of us hold onto the things of this life loosely, being willing to let go of them as needed. May we be willing to be led and guided by You in whatever direction we need to go. You are Almighty God…Yahweh-Tzava’ot…the Lord God of Hosts! You are just. You are sovereign. No storm of life catches You by surprise. No storm of life is bigger than You are. You are commander of all the mighty hosts of heaven…and You love us with such an incredible love that You sent Your Son, Yeshua/Jesus, to take upon Himself the penalty for the sinfulness that separates us from You. May we all get a better and deeper understanding of the wonderful and awful truth of that. May it break our hearts as we begin to really understand the price paid for our redemption from sin. May we flee from all things sinful…out of love and out of hearts filled with gratitude over what was done for us. May we seek Your face, on our knees, prostrate.

Thank You for Your almighty, incomprehensible love toward us. Thank You for Your presence dwelling within us…a presence we certainly do not deserve. Break our pridefulness and willfulness. Keep molding us and shaping us into the image of Your Son! Keep transforming us by Your grace and mercy. May we ever be mindful of who we are…children of the Most High God, Creator of the Universe! Beloved of Yahweh…that is who we are! Touch our hearts and helps us to remember! You are God. We are not. The world is not. Help us to surrender our hearts fully to You and to You alone! Help us to love You with all of our hearts, souls, minds and strengths. Help us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Amen and amen!

June 7, 2008

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