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Prayer for Leaders & Their Families

June 30, 2009

Abba, I am struggling for words right now. You know every need of every one of Your people whom You have called to leadership roles. I know that there some are traveling. Some are with family. Some are not. Some are on vacations. Some are at youth camp. Some are going to family events…like weddings. Some may be traveling because of serious illness in a family member or close friend. Whatever the reason for the traveling, please be with them as they are in the places You have called them to be. May they be strengthened, comforted and healed. May they have a time of rejoicing and ministry.

Some are desperate for the freedom to be transparent in Your body. They are struggling and need to be encouraged. They need to be able to share their struggles and not be condemned for them. They need brothers and sisters to walk alongside with them.

Some are trying to finish projects that seem to be insurmountable. They just don’t see any way to get it done…whatever it is. They need Your strength…your courage. They need others from the body to gather around them and lend them a helping hand.

Some may be grieving. They are mourning losses too deep to even express as their souls cry out to You. They are grieving a lost family member…or a lost childhood…or a lost marriage…or a lost friendship. Bring Your comfort as only You can, Abba.

Some are facing change and uncertain futures. They don’t know what is coming down the road. Help them to fully trust You that You are bringing something good for them.

Abba, meet every need…on every level. Touch them deeply in their souls. Fill their spirits with You. Fill them so full that all the cares of this world fade away. Be with them today in such an obvious way that they find themselves rejoicing, protected under the shadow of Your wing.

I praise You, Abba, and thank You for Your love for all of us. Thank You for people in the body who are willing to serve You first and foremost! Help us all to love You far above all else…above any person or thing. Amen and amen!

June 19, 2008

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