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Prayer in These Times

July 1, 2009

Abba, I praise You and thank You that nothing happens that You do not know about. No matter what happens…it is either caused by You or allowed by You. Nothing gets by You. Nothing catches You by surprise. You are Sovereign over all.

I thank You that You equip Your saints for the work that You have called them to do. I thank You that give us Your Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit to indwell us and strengthen us. I thank You for the spiritual armor You provide to us. I thank You that every weapon formed against Your people will ultimately NOT prosper! I thank You that every accusation against us will ultimately be refuted.

Thank You for loving us SO much…even to the sending of Your Son to walk amongst us. Even to His taking on human form so that we could see who You are and what You are like. Even to His taking on…His becoming…our sin so that we could be united in our hearts with You. Thank You for Your forgiveness given to all who will receive it. Thank You for giving us the narrow gate and for helping us to stay on the narrow path.

Abba, You have blessed us in ways that we cannot even see. Open our eyes to see it! Open our ears to Your voice. Open our hearts to Your Ruach/Spirit. Cause us all to be Your hands…Your voice…Your feet…Your heart to a world that so desperately needs You.

I ask, Abba, for those You have called into leadership…and for their families…that You strengthen them in the battle against the evil one. I ask that You comfort them and bring Your healing Shalom to their wounded hearts…that You pour the balm of Gilead upon their heads so that it runs down and covers all of their bodies. Help them to stand strong upon Your word…teaching only that which is right…that which is truth. I ask that Your Ruach come upon them in a mighty way to the casting down of strongholds and to the raising up of men and women of valor.

I ask that the captives be set free…from the lies they are believing…from the false teaching they have sat under…from the bondage of their sinfulness…from the enemy who has held them…from their own fleshliness. Bring Your healing Shalom to Your people. Open their hearts to receive it.

Abba, Your leaders are under fire. The adversary hates to see godly authority in Your body. Help them to stand strong…to continue to walk in Your ways. Help them to be faithful to using the gifts You have given them for YOUR glory…for YOUR body…to edify in godly ways and to teach Your truth.

Thank You, Abba, for Your many leaders who continue to serve You…who continue to reach out to the body…in spite of being under fire. Help them to not be moved. Help them to stand fast upon the ground You have given them…as they fight for Your body and for lost souls. Help them to not give up under the pressures put upon them by those who say they are Yours, but who are NOT! Help them to not give up under the pressures put upon them by those who are Yours, but who are misled…or even deceived. May they never grow weary of doing good. May none of us grow weary of doing good.

Help us all to run the race with endurance…even to the end…to the claiming of the ultimate victory that Yeshua has already given us as a very precious and cherished and most undeserved gift.

Thank You, Yahweh, for Your incredible mercies…Your amazing grace…Your unending and forbearing love…Your justice and righteousness. Help us to live holy lives, sanctified to You and You alone. May we serve no other. May we turn away from all of our sinfulness. May we bow to You alone…completely surrendered to You. I ask it b’shem Yeshua (in the name of Yeshua).

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