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Prayer for Leaders to Persevere

July 3, 2009

Abba, in Yeshua’s name I lift up these men and women to You…my brothers and sisters in Your family. Abba, I know that there are many things going on that can bring discouragement…things that can make them wonder why on earth they should persist in ministry. Some may feel that they are not really doing any good. Some may be weighed down with burdens so heavy that they feel they just cannot move another step. Some may be feeling very attacked by our adversary. Some may be struggling with health issues.

Abba, touch each one where they most need it. I know that You are using them in ways that they cannot see. Others are watching them. When they see their persistence they are encouraged to persist themselves. Help Your leaders to remain faithful to their calling. You will never lead them beyond what You will give them the ability to endure. You have equipped them to follow You.

Lighten their load, Abba. Help them to release to You the things they need to let go of. Help them to persist in remaining faithful to the things You have called them to hold onto. Place a hedge of protection around them, Abba. Keep the enemy at bay. Help them to understand how to walk fully protected in the armor that You have given them. Help us all, Abba!

Strengthen them. Comfort them. Heal them. Bring Your healing Shalom to every area in their lives…body, soul, spirit. Help them to walk through the suffering that You are using in their lives for Your glory. May each one be a living, breathing testimony of Your love and faithfulness. May they love You with all of their hearts, souls, minds and strengths. May they love their neighbors as themselves. Give them a clear understanding of who their neighbors are. Open their eyes to see, their ears to hear and their hearts to receive. Help them to see what You see and hear what You hear. May Your love and Spirit flow through them to all they come in contact with, to all who see and hear them. May all who see and hear them…see and hear You in them.

Encourage them, Abba. Bring those alongside of them who can walk with them and help them…who can share in their load. Light a fire in their hearts that is so strong and so bright that those around them cannot help but see it. Draw to them the hungry and the thirsty. Make the ways open for them to minister to others and to be ministered to themselves. Help them to see that You are using them, even when it may seem that You are not.

Hold them so close to You that they can hear Your very heart beat. Hold them so close that they can hear You whispering in their ears. Hold them so close that they can feel Your arms holding them up. Hold them close, Abba, hold them close. Remove from them whatever comes between them and You.

Thank You so much for my brothers and sisters, Abba. Thank You for calling them…for gifting them. Thank You for working through them in the lives of others. Thank You. Amen and amen!
July 20, 2008


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