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Prayer for Health

July 4, 2009

Well, I have been sick, so I have not gotten this out sooner! I have been praying for you, though, in between prayer emails. I just know that it is nice to actually see how someone is praying for me. So, I hope it uplifts you and encourages you to see how someone is praying for you!

Dear Abba, it is obvious what is on my heart and mind most right now…health! I lift up all in ministry and leadership in Your body. I know that others must be sick, too. Some are more than just sick with a nasty cold or a temporary flu. Some may have more serious things going on…like bronchitis or pneumonia. Some are dealing with persistent health issues. Some are in pain almost all the time. I can think of at least four sisters I know of who are dealing with that. Some may have secret health issues that they have not even shared with anyone, yet. Abba, whatever is going on, I lift them up to You. You are the Great Healer of all. You designed us and You know exactly what each of us needs. Please touch each one. Bring Your healing Shalom peace upon each one. Relieve pain. Reverse sicknesses. Restore bodies. Restore the use of limbs that are not working right. Restore eyesight. Restore hearing. Strengthen hearts and muscles and lungs. Clear out lungs, Abba. Cause breathing to come easily. Restore wombs.

Abba, I also think of those who may be struggling from another kind of illness…that of the mind and emotions. Bring Your comfort and healing and strength to them, too. Bring them wise counselors and those who will support them in their struggles. Bring them those who will love them and understand the struggles they go through. Bring those who will accept them and not shun them, even if they don’t understand. Help them to have clear minds and hearts. Bring clarity and remove confusion. Bring joy and remove depression. Balance the conflicting emotions and bring stillness to swirling thoughts. Cast out fear and bring confidence.

Abba, I pray that You will touch each person today, according to Your will…according to what You know each one most needs and what is best for them. Most of all, I pray that You would love on each one. That You would hug them in such a way that they can actually sense it. Help each one to feel Your presence in a powerful way. Amen and amen!

August 1, 2008

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  1. Prayer for Health

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