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Prayer for Leaders

July 7, 2009

Abba, my heart has been very burdened for Your leaders…and for Your body. I keep hearing of those who call themselves leaders teaching heresies and leading so many astray. So many broken hearts and families result from teachings that are designed to gratify fleshly desires. Yet, You also have many who have not bowed their hearts to the ruler of this world. You have many who desire nothing less than to love You with all their hearts, minds, souls and strengths. They truly desire to teach only the truth from Your word…without diluting it or twisting it. They want people to see the truth and to turn their hearts and minds toward You…to serve You alone.

Your true leaders are coming under attack, Abba, as so many who proclaim to be Your followers are allowing themselves to become critical of the true Gospel message. Your true leaders are under attack from our adversary and from those who would proclaim lies. Some of Your leaders are battling serious illnesses and painful conditions. Some are fighting discouragement and depression. Some are struggling in their families and in their marriages. Some have children who are falling away. Some are struggling with busyness and desperately need to see more clearly just what it is that You have called them to do. Some are growing very weary.

Abba, Your leaders (and their families) need Your strength, Your refreshing, Your wisdom, Your Shalom, Your healing, Your wholeness, Your comfort. They need members of Your body to stand with them…to support them…to pray with and for them…to walk alongside of them. Some of them are struggling with deeply personal issues and they feel very alone. They have no one to turn to with their struggles for fear of being rejected.

Oh, Abba, what has Your church become when leaders need to hide their humanness and members feel they must project images instead of realness? Please touch each and every one of us. Convict us all of the ways in which we are serving and worshiping our adversary instead of You. Yeshua has taught us that there is no middle ground. We are either for Him and serving Him…or we are for the enemy and serving him. Help us to see the truth and to follow after You with our whole hearts.

Separate the wheat from the chaff in Your church…especially in Your western church where we have become so lazy and spiritually out of shape. May we turn away from the things of this world and serve and worship only You.

Thank You, Abba, for all the good and perfect gifts that You have given to us. Thank You for Your provision. Open all of our eyes to see how You are moving in Your people and in the world around us. May we be Your feet, Your hands, Your voice to the lost and to the hurting. May we shine Your light and Your love to all around us. May Your light pierce the darkness of this world and expose the darkness in people’s hearts. May we all surrender ourselves fully to You, no matter what the cost in this world. May we all love You with all of our hearts, souls, minds and strengths. May we love our neighbors as ourselves. Amen and amen!

August 22, 2008

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