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Prayer for Leaders – Protection

July 9, 2009

Abba, I have had Your leaders on my heart all week. So many things have crossed my heart and mind…concerns I have for them. They are under attack, Abba. The adversary wants sooooo much to discourage them, to discredit them, to drive them to give up, or worse…to publicly fall. Abba, we all struggle with things. We all stumble in areas…but Your leaders are under extra attack because their lives tend to be more noticed. None of us is perfect…but Your leaders oftentimes have no where to turn for support and encouragement. Everyone goes to them, but who do they go to, Abba?

Please bring them safe brothers and sisters who can walk alongside them. Who can encourage them and pray both for and with them. Strengthen them. Give them comfort and wisdom. Guide them to the trustworthy ones who will not betray them. Lead them to the ones who will safely hold their hearts within their own hearts. Who will put the balm of Gilead upon their wounds.

Abba, You know that we know what it is like to be lonely in the church…and to be wounded by our siblings in Yeshua. I pray that You will bring Your healing Shalom…Your comfort and rest…to all of Your leaders. Help them to stand firm in the attacks of the adversary…whether those attacks are direct, via people, through sickness, through finances. However the attacks come…I praise You that You are a Shield for them. You are a buckler, a mighty fortress and a strong tower. They can run to You and be sheltered under Your wings as You sing over them with joy.

Keep them faithful, Abba. Keep a hedge about them surrounding them with Your Ruach/Spirit…keeping them safe. There are some who are under attack for being faithful to preach repentance…for standing on what Your word says without watering it down…for making a stand against the evil in our world that wants to come into Your church. There are some who may be facing attacks from within the body by believers that the adversary is using to cause division and strife in an attempt to make Your army ineffective. Give them the courage to stand firm and not allow heretical teaching in the body.

I pray for those who are trying to destroy Your body. Convict them, Abba, and turn their hearts to You. Draw them to You and help to see their need for You. Help us all to fully surrender to You. May we all love You with all of our hearts, souls, minds and strengths and may we love our neighbors as ourselves. Teach what those two things mean, Abba. How to love You…who our neighbor is…how to love ourselves and them according to Your ways…according to Your plans and purposes. Amen and amen!

September 2, 2008

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