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Yahweh’s Provision Equals Refining

July 10, 2009

Oh, we of little faith!

Yahweh is building a house. Well, at least He sure seems to be moving in that direction. He has placed it upon other people’s hearts to try and get this built so that we don’t have to spend winter number 5 in our tiny RV. We have nothing to contribute…nothing! Even the workshop materials we have we never had to pay for…not that we set out for it to be that way. It is just the way it happened.

So, what is our Abba doing? I think He is asking us to believe and to trust. If He wants this house to be built…HIS house…Beit-Elohim…it WILL be done. If He does not…it won’t. It’s pretty simple, really. Are we willing to trust Him…regardless of whether He builds it or not?

It says in His word that a measure of faith is given to each one of us. I may not have the same amount of faith given to me that someone else has given to them…so I don’t have to believe to their degree of faith. I just have to believe and trust with the amount given to ME.

I think of the parable of the talents. Each servant was only called upon to be faithful with what HE had been given…not for what the others had been given. He who is faithful with little will be given more! Every time I step out in faith and trust Yahweh…He gives me more faith to believe for more things. He is so awesome!!!

We are amazed as we watch what He is doing, amazed at how He has provided for us these long years. We are also amazed at how He has placed us and our situation on people’s hearts.

We feel so unworthy…yet…Yahweh truly IS love! He loves us and wants to provide for us. It may not be what we want…we certainly did not want to live in an RV for 3 and a half years!. However, it WILL be what we NEED! It will be according to His will for us. He knows we need refinement and our Abba loves us too much to leave us in our unrefined states.

Many times I have felt His hands upon me, sifting through my heart and removing that ugly dross that mars the image of His Son in me. Oh…to be perfected in Yeshua…how I LONG for it. Oh, how I am so far FROM it!

I praise Him for He loves me in spite of my human frailties and my unrefined state! I am very grateful!

For the latest on the progress of Beit-Elohim read here.


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