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Prayer for the Fallen

July 12, 2009

Dear Abba, I was recently convinced to go ahead and try FaceBook. What wonderful technology that has enabled me to reconnect with friends from long ago. And what heartbreak it brings with it as we learned of a friend who “no longer believes”. And of his young daughter who later followed suit. Oh, Abba, my heart breaks…not only for them…but for their shepherd and for every shepherd who has one of the flock walk away.

Please encourage Your leaders. We don’t always know what precipitates something like this. Was it an event that tipped the scales? Or was it the constant drudgery of life where it seemed like You never answered their prayers the way they wanted You to? Was it something big? Or a lot of little things? Was it a hidden sin that only he knew about that he could not break away from causing him to walk away in despair? Only You really know, Abba. I place them in Your capable hands.

Please help Your shepherds to be able to know what is going in the hearts of the people You have brought to them. Please help the people to be willing to open up. Please help those within Your body to be transparent with one another in godly ways according to the purpose You have set for Your people. I have done my wrestling with doubts. I always end up in the same place…where else can we go? Who else is there…but YOU??

Abba, leaders have their moments of doubting, too. When a parent walks away, it is not unusual for a child to follow. When a leader walks away, it is not unusual for congregants to follow. When a public figure walks away, it is not unusual for his or her “followers/fans” to walk away, too.

Please, Abba, strengthen Your leaders…all of them! You have many who are obviously leaders, but You also have many who do not feel or believe they are leaders…yet they are. They are looked up to. Help them to wrestle as they need to in their faith. Help them to face doubts squarely. Bring to them those with whom they can safely express those doubts and struggles. Too many times Your leaders have to hide what they are dealing with because they would be “fired” if they admitted their struggles. Or they would be looked down upon. It breaks my heart, Abba. They walk alone when they should not have to! No one should EVER have to walk alone.

Please…never allow Your leaders to have to walk alone. Help Your people to understand that leaders are just members of the body who happen to have that gifting and calling. They are not perfect. They will struggle with temptations, too. If anything, they need extra support because their position draws enemy fire from an adversary who wants to destroy Your body and all the leaders in it!

Strengthen them all, Abba. Comfort them. Give them wisdom. Give them Your rest and Your healing Shalom. Surround them and their families with Your protection! Help them to sense Your presence everywhere they go. Help them to see into the hearts of each other and of their people. Help them to stand strong on Your word and to teach Your word and Your word alone! Expose those who are not truly Your leaders…who are not walking in Your ways because they are false teachers.

Abba, I need to lift up one of my own sons, too. You know how He no longer believes in “the God of the bible”. You know our hearts and how it saddens us. You know why he no longer believes and I know that saddens You.

Please teach all of us, Abba, to be so careful about what we say about one another. Please help us to make sure that we are not gossiping…that we are not speculating…or stating things as fact that are not fact…and not even checked out. It can have devastating consequences…consequences that only You can straighten out.

Abba, there can be so many different reasons why people walk away. Some of it is the examples of those of us in Your body because we are not living out a life of holiness as You have called us to do. Help all of us…leaders or not…to be fully surrendered to Your Holy Spirit…to walk in Your ways and not the ways of our flesh. Abba, reign down Your holy fire to convict all of us…to refine us. May we see a move of You unlike any this generation has ever seen…a move like what this generation has only read about of old.

May we never make provision for the flesh. May we never give the enemy any ground. May we never look casually upon any sin in our own lives. Open our eyes to see the beam in our eyes.

I ask these things, b’shem Yeshua…in Yeshua’s name.

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