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Leadership Prayer

July 15, 2009

Abba, as I sit here I am asking You to show me what Your leaders most need to be prayed for. What is their greatest struggle? I know it is different for each one and yet there is a common ground shared. Please be with each of them today. May Your presence be truly felt within each one. May they sense your Spirit giving them the ability to cry “Abba Father” as the sons and daughters of You that they are. May that sense of sonship and daughtership be felt deep within them.

As they minister to others and pour themselves out in Your service, please bring others who will be trustworthy to minister to them. Please bring ones who will walk with them and who won’t betray them. Give them Your wisdom and Your strength. Give them the ability to trust You completely, no matter what the challenges they are facing. Help them to trust You as Provider…to trust You as Physician…to trust You as Restorer…to trust You as Prince of Peace…to trust You as Comforter…to trust You as Teacher…to trust You as Abba Father/Daddy…to trust You as Leader and Guide…to trust You as the Builder of Bridges…to trust You as Protector…to trust You as the One who separates the sheep from the goats.

Abba, You can heal relationships and restore parents and children to each other. You can bring husbands and wives together. You can bring comfort in the midst of tragedy and grief. You can bring healing in the midst of sickness…a healing that may not be of the body, but of the more important area of the soul. Abba, You know the needs of Your people and are more than able to meet them…in whatever area they are.

Abba, I pray that people will turn to You and that Your leaders will have workers to work alongside of them in this harvest time. May we all come together, surrendering first to You alone, and then determining to support and work with Your leaders. Raise up Your body! Wake it up from its slumber! May we all put aside the things that hinder us from fully loving and serving You…regardless of the cost! May we not be mindful of creature comforts, but instead may we long so much for You that we are willing to go anywhere, do anything, live however we have to in order to spread Your gospel and make disciples of all men.

I pray that Your leaders would see Your body rising up and banding together. Separate the wheat from the chaff, Abba. Sift and sort through us. Rid us of the fleshly things within each one of us that keep us from fully obeying You! May the world see a difference in us that causes them to be ashamed of their sinfulness. May they see Your body so completely repentant that they are convicted. May they see Your Spirit shining and working through us to such a degree that they want to fall to their knees and ask for Your mercy so that they, too, may be changed!

Abba, I pray, too, that during this dark time of year, that they would be always cognizant that we are all in a spiritual battle. We all have an enemy that goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. You have given us a way of living…an armor…with which to resist him so that he will flee from us. May they be strengthened in Your Word and always holding up the shield of faith. Give them supernatural faith as they minister to the victims of this time of year…to the ones the enemy has put into bondage…that he has tried to break.

I ask these things in Yeshua/Jesus’ mighty Name. Amen and amen!

October 5, 2008

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