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Prayer for Leaders on the Front Lines of Life

July 20, 2009

Abba, You have people who are standing on the front lines. Whether it be through music, preaching, teaching, praying. No matter what gifts they are using to show the truth of who You are and the need we all have for You…they are out there doing it. Please undergird them. Help them to stand strong in the truth of who they are in YOU. Help them to stand strong in Your word…not changing it to suit the whims and desires of a crowd seeking to have their ears tickled. Help them to preach and teach and sing and show the truth.

Abba, Your people have many needs. Some of these needs are physical. Some are needs for provision. Some have mental or emotional struggles. Some need to have doors opened…or doors closed. I ask that You fill each one with Your rest…and with Your healing Shalom wholeness. Help each one to walk upon the path that You have led them to. Help each one to hear Your voice above all the rest of the voices of the world clamoring for their attention.

Protect them, Abba. Our adversary wants to destroy them and their families. He wants to destroy their credibility. He wants to bring them down any way he can. He is persistent. Please protect Your people on the front lines. Please give them courage…and wisdom…and strength.

Abba, please shower Your provision in all the areas in which provision is needed. Meet every need and build faith in Your people. Open the doors that no man can close and close the doors that no man can open. Lead them right to where You want them to be…right where You know the ministry needs to happen.

Surround Your leaders and their families with faithful servants, Abba. I know that the adversary wants them to be betrayed. He wants them to experience hurts and woundedness. He wants to hurt them any way he can. Abba, I thank You that You watch over them all. I thank You that You are faithful and will give them what they need to endure whatever they need to endure.

Abba, I thank You that You are the awesome Creator. You are faithful. You are the Healer. You are the One who loves us SO incredibly much.

Touch each one this day. Help them to sense Your presence in such a strong way. Help them to sense You speaking through them…to sense Your words coming through them. Bring to them those who need to most hear about You. Bring to them the hurting and the broken…the lost and the searching. The thirsty and hungry. Use them to fill and heal and minister. May they be fountains of Your love…shiners of Your light. May their hearts always remain faithful to You. May they always find forgiveness from others when they are imperfect and when they fail to meet others’ expectations of them. Protect them from people who will put them on a pedestal.

Cover them, Abba, as a mother hen covers her chicks. Surround them with Your holy warriors as You have surrounded others before them. b’shem Yeshua.

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