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Leadership Prayer

July 24, 2009

Abba, I lift up all that You have called into leadership to You. I know how much I hate it when the things of life interfere with my ability to minister to others. I know I cannot be alone in that. So, I lift up Your leaders and ask that You help them to not be hindered in the ministries to which You have called them. May they seek You always and allow You to work fully through them. I pray, too, Abba, that they would hear Your voice clearly. I know there are times when they are to simply rest in You and allow others whom You have called to step up to the plate. Help them to hear You guiding them and leading them…whether to work or to rest…whether to press forward or to step back.

Abba, I lift up Your body. Yeshua is the only true Head of the body. None of us are the Head. Even Your leaders are not the Head. I pray that all of us would walk in that truth…that we would allow those whom You have called into leadership to be very real members of the body. I pray against the lies within the body that would put those in the body with the gifts of leadership into the place of the Head. I pray against the lies in the body that make it so that leaders are put on pedestals and not permitted to be transparent and real regarding the struggles that they have. Your Shepherds are also sheep who need to be Shepherded!

Please raise up, Abba, those in Your body who will minister to Your leaders…who will love them and allow them a safe place to be real. I lift up Your leaders and ask that You take down any pride that may prevent them from bring real even when they have a safe place. Remove all the things that hinder vulnerability on the part of all in Your body.

Abba, please expose those wolves in sheep’s clothing that are in Your body…whether they are in leadership or not. I ask that You would teach each one with Your Holy Spirit. I ask that they would be convicted and turn their hearts to You so that none may be lost, but all may come into Your kingdom!

This world is a dark place, Abba, ruled by the prince of evil. However, where evil abounds Your Holy Spirit abounds even more! I praise You for the victory You have given us in Yeshua…our Lord and Saviour…our Prince of Peace and Messiah. Praise You for the promise that evil will one day be destroyed forever! Thank You that this life is but a passing shadow of the things to come…things that You have planned for each one of us from before the time You laid the foundations of the earth!

May we all seek You fully. May we love You with all of our hearts, all of our souls, all of minds, and all of our strengths. May we love our neighbors as ourselves. May we know what it means to truly love You, to truly love ourselves and to truly love others. May we each esteem the other more highly than ourselves, recognizing that any good within us comes only from You. May we recognize Your hand in each and every good and perfect gift…for we know it comes down from You!

Protect all in Your body, especially on this day and the coming days. Protect those who are leaving this life. Bring comfort and strength and a strong sense of Your love and presence. Heal those who are sick, Abba, whether in mind or body or emotions. May we each recognize Your loving hand in the thorns and crosses of our lives. May we praise and bless You in all things! Amen and amen!
October 31, 2008

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