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Prayer for Leader Steadfastness

July 24, 2009

Abba, You are an awesome God…faithful to Your covenant and Your promises. May we be just as faithful to You and to Your Word. These are uncertain times, Abba. Help Your people to focus on You and surrender to You and love You with all their hearts, souls, minds and strengths. Please strengthen and guide Your leaders. Help them to preach Your word in Spirit and in truth. Help them to stay the course and not give in to popular false doctrines and feel good theology. Give them Your boldness to tell the truth about sin and holiness and righteousness. Help them to speak the words You want them to speak and give the people the ears to hear and the hearts to receive it.

Abba, please help us all to love You above all else. Help us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Help us, especially Your leaders, to remain steadfast in their devotion to You. Help us to worship You as You deserved to be worshiped…with all of our lives. May all that we think, say and do bring glory to You. May we show a lost world Your love.

Holy Spirit, convict us all where we fall short of Your calling for us. Convict us of where we have strayed from Your truth. Help us to all be active in using the gifts that You have given us to further Your kingdom. Make Your body strong. Help Your leaders to be able to work alongside the rest of Your body without distinction. Touch all of Your people and convict us all of where we are being selfish and greedy. May we hold loosely to all that You have blessed us with that we may in turn bless others.

You are awesome! As we approach this Thanksgiving time, may we each be so grateful for all that we have and may we be generous. Help us to be forgiving and to show the world Your love and holiness.

Abba, please touch especially Your leaders who are far from family. They may be serving in unfamiliar places and finding it difficult to fit in or to feel a part of. It is hard to go to a new place to serve and then end up feeling like an outsider. Please touch all of Your leaders and bring them true friends…people they can be themselves with…people they can be open with…people who will love them and support them…no matter what.

Help Your people to be what they are supposed to be toward Your leaders. Help Your leaders to be what they are supposed to be as they move within the gifts and callings You have given them. Please help churches to see how You desire Your body to be set up. Give wisdom to all. Give generosity to all. Give compassion to all. Amen and amen!

November 22, 2008

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