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Thoughts on Psalm 8

July 24, 2009

Psalm 8 CJB

ADONAI! Our Lord! How glorious
is Your name throughout the earth!
The fame of Your majesty
spreads even above the heavens!

From the mouths of babes and infants at the breast
You established strength because of Your foes,
in order that You might silence
the enemy and the avenger.

When I look at the heavens, the work of Your fingers,
the moon and stars that You set in place —
what are mere mortals, that You concern Yourself with them;
humans, that You watch over them with such care?

You made him but little lower than the angels,
you crowned him with glory and honor,
You had him rule what Your hands made,
You put everything under his feet–
sheep and oxen, all of them,
also the animals in the wilds,
the birds in the air, the fish in the sea,
whatever passes through the paths of the seas.

It boggles my mind that Yahweh thinks of us as highly as He does. I mean…come one…we sure don’t deserve it! He gifted us with a perfect world and what did we do with it? We darn near destroyed it by bringing sin and rebellion into it. Adam and Eve couldn’t follow one simple rule and their first son killed his younger brother. How sad is that?

Yet…look at what He says about us. Look at that last stanza. Isn’t that simply amazing? Yahweh actually made us to rule over everything here…a benevolent stewardship, actually. It was not meant to be a cruel and destructive dictatorship. Even before the fall, Adam was to tend to the garden and take care of things. It was his responsibility…and he blew it by not even taking good care of his own wife.

Yep…you read that right. He was right there when she ate the forbidden fruit. He did nothing to dissuade her or protect her. How sad.

Yet…even after all that…look at what it says about how Yahweh views us. Wow!

I wonder how often we really think about this? Do we even recognize how special we are to Him? Do we try to honor Him with our lives…out of gratitude for what He has done and what He will do?

I know…some people see “God” as being cruel and  mean. They miss the bigger picture. We are a people…a creation…in rebellion against Him. Truth be told…most of us…in our hearts…want nothing to do with God. We make this planet a living hell and then get angry at Yahweh because things are so terrible.

Studies have been done. We have enough food across this planet to feed everyone. So, why are people starving? Greed! Food gets thrown away. Or governments take the food that is given to them for their people and sell it for arms. There is actually enough good land to handle many times the earth’s current population. So, why is there “overcrowding”? Because the people are all crowding together in cities. You notice they never show pictures of rural areas when they try to show how “overcrowded” the earth is!

Why are there wars? Because someone wants what someone else has! The same goes for thefts and fraud. Why is there murder? Typically…it goes back to greed. Someone wants things their way. When it doesn’t happen they get angry…sometimes angry enough to kill…or to slander…or (fill in the blank).

Most of the problems of this world are associated with human greed and bad attitudes…with people wanting to be “god” over others. I say “most” because we have another problem. When Adam brought sin into the world…it effected a change in all of creation that will not be undone until Yeshua comes back and makes all things new. This universe is effected by sin…which brought with it death, pain, suffering, thorns, sickness, etc.

Someday, though, this world will be made new. I long for that day and always try to keep in mind that this place is NOT my real home. I am just passing through. I am just a pilgrim.

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