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Thanksgiving Prayer

July 25, 2009

Thank You, Abba, for Your leaders. They work so hard and sacrifice of themselves on the behalf of Your lambs. They really try to take to heart being shepherds and teachers and counselors. They are a blessing as they serve You.

Some of Your leaders are traveling this weekend, Abba. Please keep them safe. Please watch over them and protect them from harm. Some of Your leaders are lonely…far away from family and close friends. Please be with them in a special way this weekend. It is always harder to be away from family and friends on holidays and during times of special celebrations.

Some of Your leaders have experienced the loss of someone close during this last year and the holiday times are always harder after that. Please be with them and comfort them. Help them to sense Your love and Your presence ever so stronger during this time of year.

Some of Your leaders are facing some serious health challenges. Touch them please, Abba, with Your healing Shalom. Bring healing to their bodies, souls and spirits. Give them and their health caregivers Your wisdom to know the best way to help their bodies to heal. Strengthen them.

Some of Your leaders are weary. They need to experience Your Shabbat rest in Yeshua. Sustain them please, Abba. Help them to rest in You and to trust You that all really is well. You are the sovereign Lord…Adonai…Elohim.

You see all the needs of Your people, Abba, and You will meet them as You know best what each person most needs. Help us all to trust You completely.

Abba, You have leaders who are going through crises of faith. They are having doubts as the adversary is assailing them violently. Help them to run into You as You are a strong tower. Help them to stand on You as You are a rock. Help them to experience the shelter of Your wings. Help them to hear the songs You sing over them.

We praise You, Abba, Creator and Lord. Help Your leaders to place themselves, their families, their ministries into Your capable hands. Help them to release them to You. You are the healer of broken hearts, of broken marriages, of broken bodies, of broken minds and spirits, of broken relationships. You are the provider. Help us all to seek You and Your kingdom above all else, trusting that You will provide the rest. Help us to trust that You are working all things for our good and for Your glory. May we praise You in all things and through all things and in spite of all things. Amen and amen!

November 22, 2008

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