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Holiday Season Prayer

July 30, 2009

Abba, I come to You now with my hands as I have been with my heart.  I lift up to You the leaders You have set in place in Your body. They may not all think they are leaders, but You are the One who calls. You are the One who gives spiritual gifts. They are not given by the will of men.

Abba, I know that You have leaders who are hurting and who are struggling with so many different things. Their families, too, are hurting and struggling. I know this because You have people all throughout Your body who are hurting and struggling…and leaders are no different. Please bring Your healing Shalom to those who hurt, regardless of the reasons for the hurting. Bring it to those who are struggling. Comfort them. Strengthen them. Give them Your wisdom. Help them to boldly stand on the truth that You have shown them, regardless of whether others understand or not. Put a hedge of protection around them. Guard their hearts and minds from those the adversary would use to bring them harm or to sidetrack them from the truth or from the calling you have for them within Your body and within their families.

Abba, I know that some of Your leaders are under attack. It is the nature of the gift. Sadly, some of those attacks are coming from family and even from those who claim to be in Your body. Help them to keep fighting the good fight. Help them to shepherd and teach and lead Your people…each according to the gifts You have given to them. Do not allow the enemy to destroy them or their families. Do not allow the enemy to freely attack Your body.

Help us all, Abba, to make sure we are walking in Your Spirit and in none other. Help us to make sure that we are walking in the armor You gave us. May we never take it off…just as a soldier does not take his armor off until the battle is done. Abba, we know that our battle here will never be done until we see Yeshua coming back again.

Yahweh, I praise You. You are the Mighty God…El Gibbor! You are the Creator! The Prince of Peace…Sar-Shalom! The Father of Eternity…Avi-‘Ad! You are trustworthy! You are Faithful! We know we can rely upon You. You are our Rock upon which we can stand…the Tower of safety into which we can run! May Your will be done on earth…within each one of us…as it is done in heaven. May we, Your servants and children, obey You in ALL things! Teach us! Guide us! Show us Your ways! May Your Name be exalted and honored above all other names!

Abba, we know that this is not the time of year when Yeshua was born. We know that there is no record of the celebrating of His birth being done in the early church. We know that this celebration was a transfer from the birth of a false god. Yet…because it has been started and is being done now…it gives us another opportunity to share with the world who You are…and who Yeshua is. May we never walk away from any opportunity to share You with others.

Bring Your boldness. May we always remember that obedience is better than sacrifice. Obedience is better than merely being about the business of Your “church” or “ministry”. Obedience is needed in the small things as well as in the big ones. May we hold fast to Your teachings! May we love You with all of our hearts, all of our souls, all of our minds and all of our strengths. May we love our neighbors…our families…our communities…as we love ourselves. May we understand what true love is…and may we walk in that! I ask it in Yeshua’s mighty name. Amen and amen!

December 29, 2008

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