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Prayer During Holiday Seasons

July 30, 2009

Abba, this is a time of year that tends to be very difficult for many people. The physical distance between them and their loved ones is more keenly felt, as are the emotional and mental distances. Physical illnesses, whether one’s own or that of a loved one, are brought into sharper focus. Some are struggling with serious financial problems. Some struggle with a feeling of failure. Depression tends to hit many people, especially as they see others who are seemingly so happy and into the “holiday” spirit.

Abba, Your leaders are no exception. They, too, can fall into those hard places of depression and sadness. Yet, who is there for them? Especially while they must help those in their congregations get through these things? Abba, we know that You are sufficient for all of us. Yet, we also know that You want us all to minister to one another. You say to not only exhort and teach one another, but to also encourage one another and to spur one another on. Abba, please bring to Your leaders those who will do just that…those who will be encouragers…those who will walk with them through their difficult times even as they walk others through theirs.

Abba, I know that the evil one brings about a lot of extra temptations with the feelings of deep sadness…even temptations to take one’s own life. Oh, Abba, I pray for a hedge of protection to be placed around all of Your people and especially around Your leaders and their families. Guard their hearts and minds in Yeshua. Do not allow any of them to succumb to temptation. You say that You will never allow us to be tempted beyond what we are able. You will always provide a way of escape. Abba, as Your people and Your leaders are tempted this season, please show them that way of escape. Make it so bright and so clear that they cannot mistake it. Give them Your strength and Your courage, even when it feels as if they cannot take another step or make it through another day.

Abba, abuse exists in the families of some leaders. Are they Your leaders? Or simply leaders of men? I don’t know…I cannot make that judgment. To You…sin is sin…regardless of the type or how deep the wounding. I just know that they and their families need Your help. They need You to bring them to true repentance and to bring healing to them and their families.

Abba, You are mighty. You are above all. There is nothing that happens that is not either caused by You or allowed by You. This is both hard to understand and yet also comforting. We know that You will cause all things to work for our good and for Your glory. Please help all of Your leaders and their families and all of Your people to be able to walk in total trust of You, regardless of what they see going on around them, regardless of the situations they are in. You WILL bring them through. Please help them to sense Your love, Your presence, Your healing Shalom/peace. Help them to sense Your arms around them…loving them and protecting them and…yes, sometimes even chastising them as a loving Abba/Father does for His children that He loves so much! Help them to be comforted.

May we all truly focus on the real meaning of this season. You have given us a gift beyond belief…beyond our human understanding. You have loved us more than You have even loved Yourself! I know that I cannot grasp why You would do that, but I can bask in it. I can rest in it and I pray that Your people and Your leaders would, too. How wide…how deep…how limitless Your love is for us. As the Righteous Judge, You loved us so much that You took upon Yourself all of our sin and our wickedness…Yeshua became sin for us and took Your full wrath upon Himself in our place. Oh, Abba, what pain You and He must have both felt in that time of separation…that time of wrath. I cannot comprehend it, but I am SO grateful for it.

As we all go through this season, may we receive the greatest gift of all…a deeper awareness of what our salvation truly is…of what You did for us…of how You loved us more than …and proved it! Amen and amen!

December 15, 2008

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