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Prayer for Leaders Who Struggle

August 4, 2009

Abba, I come before You, praising You for You know all things and are above all things. Yet, You ask us to come to You with the things on our hearts. You want to hear from us and have fellowship with us. Abba, Your leaders and their families are on my heart. There are so many wolves in sheep’s clothing out there claiming to be Your leaders. They are teaching falsehoods. Please help Your true leaders to stand strong in the midst of this. Help them to continue to preach and teach and live by Your true Word alone. Abba, I know that makes them a target of the adversary. Please put a hedge of protection around them and their families and loved ones. Do not allow the enemy to destroy them. Protect their marriages. Protect their health. Protect their finances. Guard their hearts and minds in Yeshua.

Abba, I know that our enemy wants to distract us all. Please give discernment to all of Your leaders. Help them to know what is merely a distraction of the enemy and what is truly important. I know that families are under attack. Please watch over the children. Protect them from the things the enemy wants to put across their path…that he wants to expose them to. I ask the same for their parents. Our enemy wants to destroy Your leaders and bring them down. He wants to throw temptations across their paths. Keep them strong, Abba. Do not let them fall.

Abba, I know that You have leaders who have fallen…or who are struggling to keep from falling. Please provide with brothers and sisters in Yeshua with whom they can be safely transparent and who will help them to stand. Please, Abba, please…help Your people to understand that leaders are brothers and sisters in Yeshua just like us. They are not perfect. They are hit with the same things we are every day…and maybe even more due to their positions. Provide a support system for Your leaders where they don’t have to be afraid to share that they are being tempted…or even that they are stumbling if that is the case.

Abba, I pray that Your body would be about the business of binding wounds and bringing Your healing balm to all…and not about wounding and accusing and tearing down. May Your true church rise within the so-called “church” and bring Your light. May we all be salt and light. May we always remember that we are in a very real spiritual battle and that we need to always keep our armor on.

Abba, I lift up to You especially any leaders who are discouraged…for any reason. Touch them, Abba. Please give them Your healing Shalom. Please meet whatever need it is…please comfort whatever hurt it is…that is effecting them. If there are any infiltrators in their groups who are working against them, I pray that You would expose them and not allow them to do any more damage.

In Yeshua’s name I bind back the powers of darkness that are coming against Your leaders and their families. I ask, Abba, that You nullify the effects of all attacks…of all the schemes that the evil one has brought about to target Your people in leadership and their families. Bring Your light into the darkness. Dispel the clouds of evil coming against them. Help them to stand strong.

Abba, we know that Yeshua said that the world would hate us. We see this coming more and more into fruition as a false gospel is being preached across this country and in the world. Please open the eyes of Your servants. Help them to discern truth from the subtle lies of the enemy. Help them to not be brought down from his accusations. Touch their hearts, spirits, minds, souls. Bring Your truth…Your light…to dispel the lies of the evil one.

Abba, I see a cloud of darkness over this nation…yet, I also see Your Ruach…Your Spirit of Holiness above it. There is nothing hasatan can do that You do not allow. Always help us to remember that. Everything that happens is either caused by You or allowed by You. I thank You that, in 2 Peter, You tell us that You have given us everything we need pertaining to life and godliness. I also thank You that You promise to turn all things for good to those who love You and who are called according to Your purpose.

You are the Mighty One, Creator of all things. Thank You for being here with us. Thank You for sending Yeshua to show us all that we can aspire to be and to show us who You really are. Thank Your for Your Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit whom You have left to dwell within us…our Teacher and Comforter…our Encourager and Strengthener.

Touch each one, Abba. Touch them. Touch their families. Touch their loved ones. I pray that they will see Your hand at work today. Open their eyes to see You in all things. Encourage them. Move upon the rest of us to always pray for them, ever mindful that we all…outside of Your grace…can fall. We all struggle. We all have a fight to fight. Keep us mindful of that, Abba. I ask all these things in Yeshua’s mighty name. Amen and amen!

January 14, 2009

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