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Praying for Leaders

August 4, 2009

Abba, I come to You today on behalf of Your leaders and their loved ones. Abba, I know that many are determined to stand strong and preach a true gospel in a world that does not want to hear it…and sadly, even in “churches” that don’t want to hear it. Please strengthen them. Please protect them. Under gird them, Abba. We know we are in a battle and we know who our true enemy is. Help us all to keep that in mind when people come against us.

Abba, the adversary wants to destroy all of Your children, but he especially focuses on those in any kind of leadership role, whether official or not. He wants to tear apart Your body. I praise You and thank You that You will preserve Your body. You will preserve Your bride. I ask for a special hedge of protection around leaders, around their spouses, around their children and grandchildren, around their parents and siblings, around their friends, around all who are among their loved ones. Abba, I ask that You would expose any who are close to them who are doing the work of the enemy. Protect us all…that none of may be inadvertently serving evil rather than Your good will.

May Your body rise up, fully armed as You have provided. May we set aside the desires for the things of this world and focus on the battle for souls. May we be supportive of leaders in all the ways in which they need support. Abba, bring to each of Your leaders true supporters and friends. I know that many of them feel like they are on the outside. Many people keep their distance from leaders and have unrealistic expectations of them and their families. I believe this grieves Your heart, Abba. You have called us to be transparent before You and before each other. We all struggle. We all need loving encouragement, exhortation and yes, even admonishment. Abba, please stop Your people from putting leaders on pedestals. Please help them to understand that leaders are brothers and sisters in Yeshua just like us. They are not leaders because they have no struggles and cannot fall. They are leaders because that is the gift You have given them. Please help Your body to walk alongside of leaders…supporting rather than judging. Building up rather than tearing down. Helping rather than complaining. Praying in Your Spirit rather than “prayer” gossiping.

Abba, in Yeshua’s name I ask that all the effects of the evil one’s attacks against Your leaders and their loved ones be nullified. May all of his flaming arrows bounce off those shields of faith. Build up the faith of Your leaders, Abba. Encourage them. Comfort them. Heal them. Give them Your Shalom that passes all understanding.

Some of them are struggling with health issues…or their loved ones are. Please protect their health and bring healing wherever it is needed…in any area where it is needed. Abba, Your leaders are not above getting down, discouraged, depressed. Please lift them up. You are the lifter of our heads. I ask that You lift their heads…all of them. May they see Your face…Your glory. May they be encouraged to keep running that race. Guard their hearts and minds in Yeshua.

Abba, I praise You and thank You for what You have done for us through Yeshua. What a sacrifice You made in giving us Your own precious Son to come and not only walk among us…but to become one of us. Yeshua, I praise You and thank You for becoming the sin of us all. I don’t pretend to comprehend the horrific reality of that. You, the perfect sinless Lamb of God became the ugly sin of all of us and suffered, for the only time ever, a separation from Your Abba. That is too much for our minds to fully grasp, but I ask You to help us to grasp it. Help us to know fully what You have done for us in such a way that it overshadows all else. Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit, I praise You and thank You for being willing to dwell within us mere human beings. Thank You for being our Comforter, our Teacher, our Healer, our Encourager. That You, Almighty God, would deign to dwell within us and us in You leaves me awestruck.

Yahweh, You are God Most High. You are Elohim. You are mighty and awesome and loving. You bring justice and mercy and grace. May we all love You with all of our hearts, souls, minds and strengths. May we love our neighbors as ourselves. May we fully comprehend and know what each of those things means and may we walk it out in every area of our lives. Make our love real. Make it 24/7. Make it cover over all of us. May we not try to hide anything from You. Thank You that You never abandon us, never forsake us. May we always remember who You are and who we are, especially in the heat of the battle. Amen and amen!

January 26, 2009

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