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Prayer Against Discouragement

August 16, 2009

Abba, we know that every time You plan on moving, the adversary wants to throw everything possible in the way. He wants to discourage all of Your people, and especially Your leaders. He will throw everything at them…from broken bones…to sickness…to financial strains…to feelings of loneliness…to discord and disunity. He’ll throw out breakdowns…of vehicles…and farm equipment…and appliances…and of PC’s. He’ll try to wash out creek crossings…and bridges…and roads…and he’ll try and flood meadows…and farm fields…and gardens. Whatever he can do to discourage Your people, he will try to do. But none of these things by themselves can hurt us.

He also throws out lies. It is the lies that come with these events that can crush us. Lies of abandonment…lies of “no one cares”…lies of “you are alone”…lies of “no one understands”…lies of “this will never end”…lies of “it’s hopeless”…lies of “He doesn’t really love you”…lies of “you are worthless”…and many other lies tailored the our vulnerabilities. There are many lies to go with many circumstances and with many hearts. Abba…please open the eyes of Your people. Open their eyes to see You and You alone! Open their hearts to Your voice…to Your words. I pray that You will bring healing where needed…reconciliation and unity where needed…repairs where needed…help where needed…a kind word where needed…a hand outstretched where needed…provision where needed. Most of all…I pray that Your people will band together…that they will encourage one another…especially as the day draws closer. I pray that You will cause all…young and old…great and small…to move in Your Ruach/Spirit according to Your will and purpose for each person.

Abba…fill all of Your leaders and their families and loved ones with Your healing Shalom…with Your wisdom…with Your comfort…with Your strength…with Your freedom. Release Your people from their bondages and give them the wisdom to not fall into them again. You are the lifter of our heads…may we gaze into Your eyes and see the truth of the ages there. Fill our hearts with Your words for others as well as for ourselves. Give us a deep, deep thirst for You…and for Your Word and Your Spirit. Show us Your ways, O Lord…and help us to walk in them. Lead us. Guide us. Convict us where we have missed the mark…where we have sinned against You and against Your Torah…against Your ways. Show us the ancient paths that we may walk in them. Help us to be true to You and to surrender ourselves fully to You and to Your will for us. b’shem Yeshua


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