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August 18, 2009

What does it really mean to forgive? I am thinking of someone I know who is dying. The dying is hard enough…but the circumstances and the why behind the dying is even tougher.

I know that we reap what we sow…but does any one of us really deserve good? Haven’t we ALL failed? Haven’t we ALL made mistakes? Should we have to be haunted by those for the rest of our lives?

Our heavenly Abba/Father forgives. Should we do any less? Those who harbor grudges and unforgiveness are the ones who end up locked into emotional prisons of their own making.  I am not saying we should disregard what others have done…or that we should ignore, for example, the fact that a person is a pedophile. I am not saying that there should be no consequences to behavior…such as that person not being trusted anymore.

I can forgive you without trusting you to be alone with my child…or my purse…or whatever is applicable. From a human standpoint…forgiving and trusting are NOT the same thing. To make them the same thing would be both foolhardy and, sometimes,  downright dangerous.

So today…I am thinking of someone. I am thinking of her situation. I am thinking of how the coldheartedness of her own family…which some would say that she deserved…has gotten her to where she is. That she is reaping what she sowed. You know what? She also sowed love and caring…in whatever way she could. She also prayed for others and provided as she could for them. Did she do it perfectly? Heck no! But can any of say we HAVE done it perfectly????

She grew up with her own hurts…creating survival skills. She was dealt some surprises by life. Just like the rest of us…she tried to do what she could with what she was given. Who are we to judge? Can we really say that we would have done better? Can we even say that we HAVE done better?

I hope and pray that my family will be more forgiving of me than some of her family is of her. Some of her family have rallied around her…but it is looks like a too little too late  kind of thing. If the whole family had pulled together on her behalf…maybe things would have turned out differently. And maybe they would not have. One thing is for sure…if what goes around comes around…if we reap what we sow…then those who are being unforgiving and hardhearted toward her better watch out. They just might end up reaping what they are sowing.

Even still…I hope they don’t end up like her…even if they do deserve it.

Abba, please give mamacita Your rest and Your peace. Please take her home and away from the situation she is in. Please hold her in Your arms and help her to really know that there are those who do truly love her and who will miss her. b’shem Yeshua

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