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Praise & Blessings & Prayer for Provision

August 18, 2009

This one is from January 31, 2009.

Abba, I come to You, praising You for who You are. Our Creator. Our Abba. Our Saviour. Our Comforter. Our Encourager. Our Prince of Peace. You are so many things. You are the One who sits in the highest heavens in a throne room worshiped by angels night and day. You are the One who deigns to dwell in the hearts of Your people…of Your children. I cannot comprehend it. It is too awesome.

So, I humbly come to You now, asking that You would give Your leaders a special blessing this day…this week…this month…this year. They are fighting a battle all over the world, Abba, to bring Your true gospel to all who will listen. Oh, Abba, strengthen them when they feel feeble and weak. Heal them when they are feeling sick and fighting health battles. Lift them up when they feel weary and too tired to go on. Comfort them when they are grieving over personal losses and over the lostness of humankind. Protect them when they are surrounded by the enemy who wants to tear them down and destroy them and their families and loved ones.

Abba, they are Your shepherds working hard to feed Your flock. Be with them. Help them to see Your provision. Help them to see Your hand at work through them. Help them to stay the course and to boldly proclaim the Good News of the incredible thing that Yeshua has done for us. Some of them are facing huge obstacles, Abba.. Please show Yourself mighty to them in every way. Open doors that need to be opened and close doors that need to be closed. Guide them and lead them. Hold them close and make a way where there seems to be no way.

Abba, so many of them are battling with intense pain. Pain in body. Pain in soul. Pain in mind. Pain in emotions. You know each and every one of them so intimately. You know what is causing the pain. I ask You to please bring Your healing Shalom to each one. Please bring it to each area in which they need it. Please bring comfort and release from the pain. Please bring strength. Abba, if there is some reason in Your will that they are to be in this pain, please encourage them and help them to see what You are doing with it and through it and in it. Help them to sense Your presence in ways they never have before. Help them to really KNOW that You are with them…not just in head…but in heart.

Abba, we know that nothing happens that is not either allowed by You or caused by You. Help us to walk in that truth…knowing that You are sovereign over all. In these times of uncertainty, may we always recognize that our future is in Your hands…not the hands of any government…any employer…any elder board…any pastor…any congregation. May we always look to You and remain faithful to the calling that You have placed upon each and every one of our lives…regardless of our position or giftedness.

Lift up the heads of all who need their heads lifted up, Abba. Wrap Your arms around them in ways that they can sense. Amen and amen!

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