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Prayer for Our Country

August 19, 2009

Abba, I bring my country to You. We have sinned against You in so many ways that only You can even know how much. We have murdered our babies and our disabled. We have murdered our elderly and those weaker than us. We have played “god” with genetics and people’s lives. We have ignored Your truths, Your laws…and even You!

Forgive us, Abba! Bring us Your holy conviction! Bring us to our knees in awe and holy fear of You. Forgive us for sitting idly by while “laws” are passed that amount to nothing more than destruction of marriage, of healthy relationships between adults, of parent/child relationships, of adult/child relationships. Forgive us for not fighting against the legalization of the murder and butchering of wee babes in their mothers’s wombs…which has moved forward into murdering them even after they are out of the womb. Forgive us, Abba, for every sin we have committed against You as we commit more and more sins against each other.

Abba, there is none like You…Who sent Your only Son to die in our place…nay…even more…He became all of our sin and ugliness. What a horrible, horrible thing for Him to go through. And we are so ungrateful.

Ruach HaKodesh…pour Yourself upon us. Convict us. Bring us to our knees with Your holy fire! Fill us so full of You that we cannot bear to sin any longer. Fill us with Your holiness to the degree that even those who stand near us are convicted. Fill us so full of You that our own petty thoughts and desires are swept away as we weep for the lost and those who need so desperately to see that You are real.

Melt us, Ruach, until the dross in our lives is burned away. Mold us into the image of Yeshua. Fill us with Yourself. Use us for Your purposes…for Your kingdom. You do not need us…yet You honor us by using us. That is something I don’t think I will ever, ever understand in this lifetime.

Forgive us, Abba. Have mercy upon us. We know that the enemy can only do what You permit. We also know that You will accomplish Your will through all things. We know that You have allowed our country to be filled up with wickedness resulting from our complacency, laziness and selfish desires for material things and self-gratifying pleasures. We have spurned Your poor and shunned Your weak. We have not offered even a cup of cold water or a crust of bread. Forgive us, Abba.

We as a nation so desperately need You. We as a people so desperately need You. We as individuals so desperately need You. We as a “church” so desperately need You. We are asleep…as good as dead…in many ways. Awaken us that we may once again train for battle. We have forgotten that there is a spiritual battle raging, so some of us lay wounded because our brother and sisters were not watching out for us. Shame on us! Pull us together, Ruach! Unite us! Make us of one heart under Yeshua…a mighty spiritual force to be reckoned with.

I know that it is only through Yeshua that I have any right to even come to You, Abba. So it is in His name that I ask these things, acknowledging that I am nothing. Yet, You have adopted me as Your own child. You have brought me through so many things…things I did not deserve to be brought through. You have delivered me from many things…things I did not deserve to be delivered from. I am grateful. May I love You with all of my heart, all of my mind, all of my soul and all of my strength. May I love my neighbor as I love myself…nay…even more. May I esteem others over myself.

Thank You, Abba, for the mercy You have already shown our country by not letting us have what we truly deserve.

Thank You.

Thank You.

Thank You.

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