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Lifting Up Leaders

August 23, 2009

From February 23, 2009.

Abba, I lift up to You all of Your leaders, their families and their loved ones. Some of them are suffering, Abba. Some of them are very sick. Some of them are in a lot of pain. Some of them are very discouraged. Some of them are under attack. Some of them are being persecuted. Some are even being tortured for their faith in You.

Abba, whatever their needs are…we know that You care…even about the slightest detail. Nothing that concerns Your children is too great. Nothing that concerns Your children is too small. From the youngest child who struggles to the oldest saint who is feeble, yet desiring to finish strong. You love and care for them all.

Abba, please touch each one today. Please encourage them. Please strengthen them. Please comfort them. Please fill them with Your healing Shalom. Please help them to walk in whatever You have allowed in their lives for this season. Please help them to trust You completely for all that is happening both in their circumstances and within their hearts. Strengthen their faith. Help them to stand strong. Help them to not give up.

I ask that You would place a hedge of protection around them. Keep them safe from the attacks of the evil one. Help them to always walk in Your Spirit…wearing the armor You have given to us…that the fiery darts may be extinguished. Abba, we know from Job that You sometimes allow spiritual attacks to hit us. Please help Your people to not be discouraged. Please help them to hang in there…no matter what is going on.

Abba, I know that some are struggling with the decisions being made by loved ones. Please help them…help all of us…to always remember that You love our loved ones even more than we ever could. Help us to entrust them to You…to place them in Your hands and let them go. Help Your people to have healthy relationships…even if the others in the relationship are not healthy. Help Your people to set wise and healthy boundaries. Help them to allow their loved ones to experience Your loving discipline without trying to rescue them. Help them to be good stewards of all that You have blessed them with.

Abba, I pray that Your leaders and their families will stay the course. Help them to run the race well. Help them to finish well. Do not allow them to be swayed by the changing doctrines of the world that have been creeping into Your gatherings. Help them to all be Bereans…carefully searching out the scriptures so that they may not be deceived.

Bless them, Abba. May they see that their service to You and to us is appreciated. May we be grateful for them…and show it. Amen and amen!

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