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Prayers For Protection & the Future

September 8, 2009

Abba, Your leaders are fighting. They are teaching and preaching the truth. Help them to stand strong. The adversary wants to bring them down anyway he can. Please be with them. Hold them so close to Your heart that they can sense Your very presence within them. Give them wisdom and strength. Help them to stay fully committed to You and completely focused on You. Each one has their gifts and calling. Each one is serving You. Each one loves You. Protect them, Abba. Guard their hearts and minds within Your Ruach/Spirit. May they stand strong and not fall. Do not allow them to be tempted beyond what they are able to resist. Help them to be lights in a darkened world. Help Your body to work together…each one in its place and calling…coming together in unity in Yeshua’s name. May we set aside our differences and focus on our commonalities in You.

Abba, we are looking at a future that can seem so scary. Yet, I think about how You hold everything together…how there is within each atom a force that scientists cannot explain that holds each one together. Your word says that Yeshua holds everything together. How comforting that is. You know every detail of this universe that You created. Is there a hair on our heads that You are not aware of? Is there a sparrow that falls to the ground that You do not know about? Is there a rock in our path or a stumble we can take that You do not know about? Are You not our Shield, our Protector, our strong Tower? No matter what happens to us in this world…You are sovereign. There is NOTHING that happens that You do not either allow or cause. Even our suffering You are in control of. You know all that is needed to refine us…to bring about Your glory…to cause us to be lights in a darkened world…with Your light. You know what we need and what we can handle. You will get us through all things…not allowing us to be tempted beyond what we are able.

Help us, Abba, to surrender fully to Your plans for us…without fear…knowing that we can trust You for every single detail of our lives. Help us to recognize that all is going according to Your plan, even when it is not going according to ours…and even when it seems to make no sense to us. Help us to remember that our thoughts are not Your thoughts…that we cannot even begin to comprehend You or Your thoughts…as Your ways are so far above our ways. Your thoughts toward us…good thoughts…are so numerous as to be uncountable. Our tears…also uncountable…are carefully collected by You. You know our every thought and our every fear…and You tell us over and over “Fear not!”

Abba, please help us to be united in Yeshua. Help us to all support one another in our gifts and callings. Help us to support those You have set in leadership over us. Help our leaders to be supported by those who are loyal to You. Protect them from the snares of those who would try to entrap them and bring them down. Protect them from those who would try to discourage them and block their way. Protect them from those who would try to hurt them and their families. Make and keep their marriages strong. Watch over their children and keep them faithful. Help them to sense Your presence with them everywhere they go.

I ask all these things in Yeshua’s name.

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