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Lifting Up Leaders, Again

September 9, 2009

This is from February 16, 2009

Abba, I lift Your leaders up to You. They need Your encouragement and Your strength.

I know that some of them are in constant physical pain, Abba. Please give them Your healing Shalom. Please give them Your comfort and Your reminder that You will never give them more than they can bear…although it may seem like it at times. Please touch each one…for each one is a living testimony of Your love to a lost world and an encouragement to other believers. Their persistent faith in spite of all that they are going through is a testimony of Your grace and the gift of Your strength and Your courage.

Abba, I know that some are facing some very real financial difficulties. Help them to always remember that You, and You alone, are their true provider. It is You who works through employers and people and situations to provide. You can even work through non-believers to provide. I have seen You do it. Nothing is impossible for You.

Abba, we know that You have the very hairs of our heads counted. We know that You care for little sparrows who are certainly far less significant than Your very own children! We know that You have said to seek first Your kingdom and that You will take care of the rest. Help Your leaders…help ALL of us…to always trust You and to rely completely upon You. Help us all to seek Your will…Your wisdom and Your mercy.

Abba, we have to live in this world. Help us to influence it, rather than letting it influence us. We know that we have an adversary who wants to drag us back into the very things You have delivered us from. This adversary wants us to live in fear and not faith. This is especially true for Your leaders because others look up to them and can be greatly influenced by how they live their lives.

Abba, we know that Your leaders are just like the rest of the body…all under the headship of Yeshua…that they just have the gifts of leading. They have struggles just like everyone else and need support and encouragement…just like everyone else. However, we also know that the nature of their gifting causes them to have more influence on many…and therefore, they are targeted greatly by our adversary. I ask that You would put a hedge of protection around each one and around their families and loved ones.

Abba, I also know that the nature of their giftings is such that people tend to put them on pedestals where they do not belong. This is an evil thing that hurts them and hurts others. Abba, please open the eyes of Your people to see that we are all equal in Your eyes. Yes, leaders will be held to a higher standard…and yet, are we not ALL really supposed to be living that way? Help us all to walk in Your ways and Your ways alone…not in the ways of the world. May we all be mindful that, to someone, we all may be a leader of sorts. There may be someone looking to us to lead them, whether we see it or not.

Abba, each one of has…or will have…those times when doubts want to come into our hearts and minds. Please help us to guard our hearts and minds in Yeshua/Jesus. Help us to always remember to walk in such a manner as to never take our spiritual armor off. You have placed us in a battlefield and there we will remain until the day You call us Home. May we always be mindful of that. May we always remember to pray for those who are on the front lines…for those who are leading us. May we be on those front lines alongside of them. May we always be willing to lift them up to You.

Thank You, Abba, for those who teach us and who expound upon Your word for us. Thank You for those who cry with us and laugh with us. Thank You for those who lead openly. Thank You for those who lead quietly…even in the background. Thank You for those who pray for, and with, us. Thank You for those who walk alongside of us. May we always be aware of and grateful for their service in the body of Yeshua. Touch and bless each one of them, Abba. Fill them so full of Your Ruach/Spirit that they are overflowing onto those around them. Fill them with Your joy and a very real sense of who You are and of who they are in You. Amen and amen!

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